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I typically never ever do public elite stf's anymore but I figured to give it a try tonight and umm i hate to say it but it was bad lol

well for starters i join and they already screwed up the left side by just forgetting about the 10% rule and just sat there with thier beam builds of phaser/anti-proton builds and i don't think i mentioned they were 4 tactical and they just poped pretty easily meanwhile over here im just sitting here relaxing while they kept getting destroyed over and over and over was a bit sad to be honest...

So after awhile two of them left and i said well might as well tank it all and i did for awhile until the other 2 left so i was like hmm should i waste my time and solo the right side or not....and so i left but it got me thinking...maybe Elite STF's should be locked to those who are new to STF's maybe like have to do 50 of the normal one's and then you can go and do elite or something
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09-12-2012, 12:31 AM
yes stfs are real bad lately, since star bases need a ton of dilithium more people are doing elite ones..

"you get more loot with elite, so normal is a waste of time"
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09-12-2012, 12:49 AM
I have been having more luck with ISE recently, seems ppl are slowly figuring out the 10% rule on gens...
But CSE and KSE are still tough to pub as often there are too many cruisers so we dont get decent dps to achieve the optional objective.
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09-12-2012, 01:46 AM
The space elites aren't bad lately, for the most part. I had a Defiant Retrofit the other day that somehow didn't have enough DPS to hold the probes on KASE, and I had someone who popped a cube at the beginning of CSE, before any of the other probes were down (we only had 3 sci with no hold/repel abilities, one cruiser - me, and one battlecruiser, so the Kang got plowed pretty quickly when the Raptors spawned).

Mostly, though, I've had at least decent runs. The other day, I ran all three space elites with pug groups, and still had a 14 minute cooldown to start them again, while making the optionals on all three.

The trick to pugging these, IMHO, is to bring good DPS. You can't count on someone else bringing the pain if you're pugging it, so be prepared to end up with 4 science ships, just in case. As long as one person in the STF can lay down good fire, and the others are at least decent science ships, you'll probably do alright, even if you don't get the optional.

So...I'd give it another go if I were you; the water's been fine lately on the space side. Ground side, however, is another matter entirely.
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09-12-2012, 04:20 AM
Pugs are the way to go with STF now.

Unfortunately there seems to be a childish war going on with different ppl running different STF channels. This is just creating the problem of griefers in elitestf games that are created from these channels.

Pug the stf, you'll find you'll get tec drops much better too... no idea why
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09-12-2012, 04:43 AM
Originally Posted by fangwolf1 View Post
So after awhile two of them left and i said well might as well tank it all and i did for awhile until the other 2 left so i was like hmm should i waste my time and solo the right side or not....and so i left but it got me thinking...maybe Elite STF's should be locked to those who are new to STF's maybe like have to do 50 of the normal one's and then you can go and do elite or something
I disagree with this. I didn't do the normal STFs, aside from once or twice to sus out what the mission would be like (which doesn't help you when you go to elite anyway, since the challenge gets raised - compare normal KSE to elite), I jumped straight into elites. Sure I made a few mistakes but I picked up what was what and now I know how to do all of them like clockwork. Had there been a system like what you propose instead - do 50 normals before unlocking elite? No way would I have bothered with it.

The thing is, elite STFs aren't all THAT hard anyway. Good tactics and good team cohesion matters more than minutiae like what gear you've got or what your build is. So long as people know what they're supposed to be doing and everyone's all on the same page, you're laughing.
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09-12-2012, 05:44 AM
The only people I have a problem with is those who don't listen

One thing is showing up without any idea what to do but at least pay attention in the chat and follow the team

And as for keeping people out of elite you can't whip people into magically learn something they have to experience first.
The things that will make the map harder or even fail the mission is simple trial and error OR they are luckly enough to have a leader oriented veteran such as yourself help them.

Point being they can play 10,000 stf normal and still won't learn elite till they see it.
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09-12-2012, 05:48 AM
Let me say it like this:

Gotten 6 prototypes in the last week. (the set ones). PUG only...
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09-12-2012, 05:57 AM
I haven't had too much trouble with space elites, even PUGging. Except for KASE. I don't know why, but my recent KASE runs have been disasters. Most likely just people who don't know how to do it.

"Don't split up. We'll lose the optional." Uh... well... you have to split the group in two pieces on that one to get the optional. Someone has to kill probes on the side opposite the rest of the team...

And then there was the heavy escort carrier that couldn't handle a cube and had to be rescued. Which would have been fine if they weren't screaming in the chat about it somehow being my fault.

But that's not the worst one. The worst one was one with three of the five ships carrying at least two injuries each. Two of them tried to be trolls and sit there in respawn hell, but they eventually respawned only to die again about five seconds later. Without healing their ships. I'll admit I died a fair amount during that one (probably because my threat was higher), but at least I repair my ship when I die.

Oh, and I got two prototype drops (shield and deflector) in two days. Thought they were more rare than that.
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09-12-2012, 06:04 AM
Sometimes you will still get a ?nerd-raging? loon for a player in an STF. But it hasn?t been as bad as it used to be by a long shot as of recent at least in space. That behavior was observed in three runs out of fifteen mostly doing afternoon and evening runs eastern time. People have been more relaxed and tolerant of new player mistakes or at least resigned. You will see dumb or inexperienced stuff happen. I haven?t been doing enough ground yet to know for sure how those measure up right now in a PUG environment.

The most difficult space STF to get (particularly with optional) is Cure Elite. No one ever takes time to agree on method and responsibilities so you?ll typically see people run every which way at the start. I am a believer in the MRML method as proposed by Trek Academy site guide but you don?t see people doing that often. Typically, I see something like two guys fly left, two fly right, and one to the middle if everyone forgets Kang.... lol. I?ve gotten to where I just follow the majority when attacking the dock spheres.

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