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Originally Posted by phil3822 View Post
Hi all, I am new to the game and am currently level 8. I have not had the pleasure of choosing a new ship yet but I am wondering how do I learn about the ships available for each rank etc? Also what best weapons and powers to use etc.

I have already started to develop a play style which is keep my distance and firing.

I would struggle to choose between cruiser and escort hence one of my reasons for asking. How do I decide? Also any help you can offer with layouts would be great.

Great community here. Thanks all.
You can check out the different kinds of ships available by going to

I also have a guide on how to choose a ship in STO, which basically gives details about all three types.

Finally, my sto skill planner is usually a big help in planning out your skills. You can also go to the build sharing page and find builds that other people have made.
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Originally Posted by phil3822 View Post
Thanks all, I am level 9 now and about to be promoted. How do I upgrade my weapons? Based on your help I think I will go for the cruiser line. I want to stay on one line rather than swap about different ships. I really an enjoying this game, might even consider going gold. Again, appreciate the advice.
You can swap about without too much hassle until you hit endgame.

Once you hit "Vice Admiral" and start thinking of doing things like Fleet Raids and Borg Special Task Forces, it's time to optimise your build. You'll get respecs as you rank up (which let you change your character's skill choices around) and it's a good idea to save some for endgame.

The "expectation" from most of the established playerbase is that Escorts will run Dual Heavy Cannons and Rear Turrets (using their high turn rate to keep things in their narrow forward weapon arcs), Cruisers run Beam Arrays front and rear (keeping things to the side where their front and rear weapons overlap - "Broadsiding") and Science Ships run 'odd' setups - sometimes broadsiding, sometimes narrow-forward-arc-DPS (using mixtures of Torpedos, Dual Beam Banks and Turrets) and sometimes not bothering much about weapons at all. You'll find both Cruiser and Escort pilots disagree with each other on the optimum weapon setup, but generally you'll see that most ships will run at least one forward Torpedo (usually Quantum).

There're also a few Bridge Officer (BOFF) powers which are seen as "must-haves" on every decent build. These include Emergency Power to Shields, Hazard Emitters, and Tactical Team (usually most will strive for the equivalent of two copies of EPTS and TT, using extra copies of powers or Duty Officer buffs to get there). There are a few other powers like Transfer Shield Strength (TSS) and Auxiliary to Structural Integrity (Aux2SIF) which also enhance survivability a lot... as well as optimum Tactical Power setups... but the exact layouts will differ depending on your ship and the type of gameplay you prefer - PVE or PVP, STFs or general Missions, Tank or Damage Dealer, etc... so feel free to ask on the forums when you decide on a particular role/ship!

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I like you (poster) wanted to learn all I could about the game and ships and everything. I have a list of posts on our forum website. Nothing you can not find by goggling it. but at least it there in one place.

Some of it is trial and error. Most of it is knowing what you want to do and building that way. Stop by our website we have a lot of guides for our newer members. Though in truth as I said before, nothing you can't Google yourself.

Good luck, if you want pm me or hit my up in game. never mind helping out another player

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you only get free respecs when leveling up if you are a gold subscriber. free players have to earn enough dilithium to buy the 500 zen respec token

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