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Rose of Sithis is looking for new players to join our ranks.

Fleet size approx 80 members, both casual and hardcore gamers of all ages.

We accept both new players and veterans, our members are very knowledgable and will help with any aspects of the game.
Fleet leader is Veteran Science and 2nd in command is Veteran Tactical and we can give advice how to improve both types of play style

Alts are welcome into the fleet as well so that whenever you play you can be with friends and help is never far away

We don't enforce rigid rules like other fleets, access to fleet requisitions is given after being active for a week or getting on our donating leaderboard with more than 30k fleet credits whichever is sooner.
(39 fleet ship requisitions available currently)

We run PVE's daily and also pvp within fleet to strengthen your build and play ability

Currently Tier 2 Starbase with plenty of Opportunities to donate to fleet starbase whether you wish to join us full time or even join temporarly to amass fleet credits that you may not be able to accumulate in larger fleets we take all applicants

Search Rose of Sithis in game or mail in game to @sheppardus to join or ask more questions (or post here)

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