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I love the Tuffli freighter and currently have three of them. I would like to see some different version made available. The models for them already exist in game as you have seen short versions of the freighter, the Vov'wl, the Azura, so it would be great if the Tuffli freighter owners had options to change their skins to match these vessels like normal ships.

One other request would be to be able to put your fleet emblem on your freighter.

Thanks Devs!
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09-14-2012, 09:18 AM
Make them fleet upgradeable.

Aka, not that you can 'buy' a tuffli with 4 fleet modules but rather that your existing tuffli gets upgraded after paying fleet modules.

Federation Tuffli Freighter:

1- Internal upgrades to clean, high tech interior. Includes conversion to a federation bridge.
2- Increased shielding, armor and +1 more boff rank slot per boff station (aka ensign becomes lt, lt becomes lt cmdr, etc).

3- CHOICE OF SKIN- Allow the use of tier 1 ship skins: NX class, Miranda Class, Constitution class.

Reasoning: Your fleet has 'converted' ships destined for scrap into a freighter.

Klingon Tuffli Blockade Runner:

1- Internal cosmetics that are klingon themed (targs, dining hall, a better bridge, etc)
2- Increased speed, armor and +1 weapon slot fore/aft. Native cloaking device.
3- Choice of Skin- Can choose civilian courier ship skin or one of the gorn/nausicaan cruiser designs we face in fleet queues.

The empire takes ships from its enemies and converts them into supply vessels. Civilian ships and captured gorn cruisers are an excellent source of these ships.

'Neutral' or Civilian Tuffli Trader:

1- Internal of ship cleaned up but remains the same (aka no grimy walls).
2- Increased speed and a large reduction to transwarp timers.
3- Choice of skin: Remain with current one, civilian courier skin, other neutral freighter/supply ships and/or deferi designs (they're already freighters with turrets so why not? lol )

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