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I have a little problem in that I spent the past year flying torpedo boats and have very limited experience with cannons. I also love cruisers and never got on with Escorts so my play testing with cannons is very limited. Before I start this is a secondary ship for fun so not looking to max out with expansive gear for example I will be using 26.2% damage consoles over 30%. Has anyone got any advice on below?

Right now my setup is a D?Kora with Plasma-Disruptor Hybrid heavy cannons x4 (due to being decent and easy to get), Borg Deflector & Engine, Maco Shield. Rears Cloaked mines with Tachyon mines and x2 Disruptor turrets. The rest of the slots don?t really matter I understand slots my lack of knowledge is cannon weapons and BO skills, lastly 17.6 Turn rate in battle mode.

So for a cruiser that only has 1 commander Tac station should I go for Scatter Volly 1 & 2 or volley 2 with Torp spread 2? Would 1 torp and 3 heavy cannons work better then x4 heavy cannons for generic pug PvP, STF and general PvE? Wasn?t sure if the weapon power saving would be worth it and after a generic setup that is decent for everything.

Also half tempted to make the ship Ferengi themed with 1 Ferengi rapid fire missile and the Ferengi console 10% damage to Rapid fire missiles and 10% to swarm missiles but that means either lowering turn rate down to 15.8 by losing the RCS or losing 1 of the 3 field Generators. Would 15.8 turn rate be too low for 45? cannons?

Also wondering if Tetryon Glider is worth it, I was thinking about losing the Borg set and fitting x2 Omega with Maco shield or Omega shield, engine with Borg deflector. That way I can lose Hazard Emitters and TTS2 for x2 Tractor beams that drain shields but still have Engineering team with the x2 Borg set for hull heals. So that would be mines, tractor beam and Glider all draining shields with tractor mines and x2 tractors to help me stay in firing arc. I could even do something crazy like remove all the field generators to fit flow for more shield drain.

Lastly the STO wiki says ?D'Kora captains can use Cannon: Rapid Fire III and Cannon: Scatter Volley III? is that a mistake or do the lvl 3 skills fit in the same lt commander slots as the lvl 2 skills?

Tl: Dr

x4 cannons or x3 cannons and x1 torp on a cruiser with limited tac skills?
Turn rate is 15.8 enough? 17.6 or more for 45? cannons?
x2 Scatter volleys or x1 volley with x1 torp skill? (I perfer volley over rapid fire)
Remove borg set, lose tank, fit omega and gain glider, worthwhile?

Thanks for any advice.
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09-14-2012, 02:00 AM
I haven't done PVP in ages, so I'm only speaking from PVE/STF experience, but...

I fly a Mirror Vor'Kang (sometimes a Negh'Var) in STF's and other PVE, and I've found that, in spite of my love for torpedoes, going all cannons still kills things much faster...the only exception being long-range bombardment (gates in STF's), where 3 of the Mk XII Borg Photon launchers on autofire, with 2 Photon consoles, actually outshines them. My typical loadout is 1 quad disruptor cannon and 3 duals in the front, and 4 turrets in the rear, with 3 Mk XI blue disruptor coils for consoles.

As far as turn rate, I have 17.something, and it's fine. Even the Negh'Var is fine, and it turns a bit slower...about 15.5, if I recall.

For sets, I'd keep the Maco/Borg split you've got; as a cruiser/battlecruiser, your tank is the one thing making up for your lower maneuverability/damage output than a pure escort, IMHO. If you lose that, you're just a slow, low-DPS version of an escort.

I'd run all cannon abilities on an all-cannon build, naturally...maybe a spread ability if you have a utility torpedo, like Chroniton, Thermionic, Plasma, etc.

Last but not least, the level 3 cannon abilities are a Commander-level power. They can't be used on this ship.
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09-14-2012, 02:10 AM
rear should be all turrets, forget mines, especially the cloaking mines.
go for the ferengi set too, and lose one field generator.

scatter volley 3 or rapid fire 3 can either be trained via a BOFF that got the skill as a commander abilitiy, or a tactical captain. but the d'kora is not capable of those commander skills. I'm not sure why that info is in there because it is completely wrong. I don't think the guide on STO wiki is wrong in general, but it certainly is very short, and not very specific.

the battle module 3000 is crucual for that ship, so yes use it!
and i would suggest torpedos too (but thats my opinion, kind of depends on, if you skilled it on your character). get 2 tactical team 1...APbeta and a scatter volley 2 (if you use torpedos, go for spread 2 instead of APbeta)

in the engineering section you shouldn't miss a RSP, Aux to SIF, EPtS and EPtW
basically the same setup as for the regent class...you may wanna look into that and adapt it to the d'kora. maybe even a AUXtoID (turnrate and kinetic dmg resi boost) isn't too wrong.

PS: i would actually use single cannons, not DHC. even in battle mode the turnrate is too low for my experiance, but DHC work ofcourse aslong as you stay in battle mode.
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09-14-2012, 05:37 PM
Just a couple notes:

Whether you go torp or not, Battle Module 3000 is a must; more specifically, using Battle Mode is a must:
+30 Starship Energy Weapon Damage
+30 Starship Projectile Weapon Damage
+30% Turn Rate
+10 Weapon Power
+5 Engine Power
-5 Auxiliary Power

I love going OMEGA setx3 on my torpedo boat D'Kora:
- Increased maneuverability
- Gravitic Anchor debuffs target to kinetic damage! (makes the High Yield + Swarm Missile that much more tasty)

Favorite ship for my Engineer to fly.
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09-14-2012, 10:20 PM
I also own a D'kora, on my Fed engineer, and I do like it. I will say that to make dual or dual heavy cannons work, you REALLY have to spec fully (or even 6 points) into Impulse Thrusters. Otherwise, it really won't work as well.

Here's a good, general set-up:

Fore weapons: 3 dual or dual heavy cannons of your energy type preference. Leave the final slot blank for now

Aft weapons: 3 turrets, and one blank slot for the moment.


Cmdr Engineering: E-power to shields 1, RSP 1, Aux to Dampeners 2, EWP 3 (or aux to structural 3)
Lt Engineering: E-power to shields 1, RSP 1
Lt. Sci: Anything of your choosing that ISN'T tractor beam repulsors. I usually have TSS 1 and HE 2
Ensign tac: TT
Lt. Cmdr Tac: Here is where it gets interesting. At the very least, TT 1 again, then choose the other two based on if you wanna focus on a single target, or do AoE damage.

For example: TT 1, CRF 1, THY 3 (or) BO 3.

That gives you high damage against one foe, like a cube, especially with BO three.

If for Aoe: TT 1, CSV 1, TS 3 (or, if using a lot of beams, then BFAW 3)

Pretty close, but basically it's going for a AoE of course, to take down multiple foes at once. Whatever skill you want, is what that last fore weapon slot should be, a torpedo or a DBB.

As for that final aft weapon, I recommend a tricobalt mine, at least for STFs. Primarily for anything that's slowed down, especially if you use warp plasma. If you don't want to use it, than a fourth turret will work well.

And the rest of your equipment, I'd say use what you have still. I like Borg 3 piece and MACO shields, that's just me, but what you have is good still. If you wanna use the Ferengi set, go ahead, but try to keep the missiles in the back (if you can put them back there). As for Omega 3 piece, sure, but just be willing to possibly spec into flow capacitors, to REALLY help it be good.


Tac: 3 of whatever energy type you use
Engineering: at least 3 Neutronium alloy and one console of your choice
Science: At least 1 Field Generator, and the other two being your choice again, I usually keep the Battle Module 3000 here.

Honestly, what I feel the D'kora is, is more the cruiser that we never really had, until the D'kora came out. It's not going to ever be an escort. It's escort-esque in it's turnrate and such, but it's not an escort regardless. However, it can be highly effective, especially in this DPS heavy game we play.

Finally, the Battle Module is a must. The EMP Burst doesn't seem effective in PvE stuff, and I'll grant that, but it can still help in small ways, at the very least, lowering their power levels a bit can be good in it's own manner, and doesn't make anything worse. The Swarm Missiles without being a tactical (if you are a tac, they can be quite brutal), are decent damage, the Battle mode is more for zipping around than the extra damage, since it's not going to be very much more, again, unless you are a tac.

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