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03-13-2013, 11:45 PM
Originally Posted by tomin8r View Post
You do realize that the ignore button causes the chat bans, right?
Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
One person ignoring another will not trigger a ban, it needs for several people to be able to do it and we never be told how many are required to prevent people from doing what is being said its being done.
I do believe that that is the point he was trying to make in response to a statement made earlier in the thread.

Originally Posted by rustiswordz View Post
Promote the use of the ignore button and switch off the chat ban system. Its not working as intended. Open to abuse.
Here the person is suggesting people do the very thing that automatically incurs a chat ban when enough people use the existing Ignore feature as it was intended to be used.

The more people use ignore so they don't have to "listen" to some irrelevant conversation the more chatbans will be implemented.
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About two and a half hours ago my chat randomly stopped working and said I was muted. I can't talk in zone, team, or fleet. I have checked my messages with no explanation. I have checked my email with nothing explaining anything. This is utterly and completely ridiculous that a paying customer would be treated in this fashion and have an important facet of the game removed without explanation of exactly what was violated. If I supposedly did, fine, but to do it without any warning or explanation is simply crazy.

I have cancelled my subscription and will not come back until at least June. Your vigilante GM's little stunt has cost the company at least $30, probably a lot more considering the rate at which I bought zen. I understand this company is growing and likely has a lot of new people on board that don't know procedures or what's going on but this should've been common sense and is simply unacceptable customer service.
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03-25-2013, 04:55 PM
You can be muted if several players have flagged you for Spam (eg right click you in the chat window). It is not a GM that has muted you. Not saying its right, just explaining what likely has happened. I believe it gets resent after 24hr automatically.
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03-25-2013, 05:15 PM
Were you recruiting in a popular zone chat? or trying to sell goods thru zone chat?
A lot of players are frisky about that and will report as spam, when you get enoughs reports you get muted automatically without any form of appeal. Thankfully it only lasts 24hr.
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03-25-2013, 05:16 PM
Yes, a GM almost certainly had nothing to do with it. A certain number of players, rightly or wrongly, chose to ignore you in a set time span which put a 24 hour silence on you. There are a number of well-known problems with this -- including not being able to talk to friends or fleetmates, or even mail items to yourself.

This happened to me at one point and I know firsthand how frustrating it is. The best thing to take away is that it will be over in <22 hours and that if someone ignored you over something you said, they will not be doing it again in the future as you'd still be on their ignore list.
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03-25-2013, 07:26 PM
Well we wouldn't want to break up the very important conversation about which Trek babe had the nicest rack, 100 things people claim are canon that actually aren't, 14 year-olds trying to explain the intercacies of world economics and religion, or how many ways we can work out that JJ Abrams should be put to death, after all. Who needs actual game relevant chat with such riveting conversation to be had?

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I looked and looked for where to post but wasn't sure. Tried the support page repeatedly but it never gives an option to report or just comes up error, not working.

I have been on my Klingon for a while today and said very very little in public chat at all. Been doing things in chat channels and fleet channels with friends. Switched to my Fed and messed with my inventory. Then one time, o-n-e time at ESD I advertised for my fleet and immediately was silenced for "spam" for 24 flaming hours???

This is totally absurd. I cannot communicate with fleet friends to do missions... I just cannot comprehend the reasoning behind this... Was this an admin action? or is this trigger some other way? I cannot imagine. But after having spent money for zen and considered further purchases, I garantee you I won't be if this is how civil players are treated. Let people use the ignore function if they don't like chat mesages and only if its a genuinely flagrant issue (threats, raging, etc) silence someone. Thats how most games handle it. But silencing for one advertisement for a fleet...

Thank you so much for ruining my evening over one single fleet advertisement.

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03-26-2013, 06:14 PM
It's not surprising. I can't think of anyone who actually enjoys it when fleets advertise in Zone. It's really obnoxious and I do tend to report them for spam after they repeat it a few times.

You probably got caught by a bunch of people who were just tired of it and didn't want to wait until you crossed the line from an innocent advertiser to a spammer.

It sucks, but the lesson is clear; don't advertise your fleet in Zone. Nobody likes it when you do.
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03-26-2013, 06:15 PM
Admins don't have anything to do with this, users in in the same zone can flag anyone for spam and if you get flagged enough times you get a 24 hour mute.
Have you any idea how many fleet recruitments occur in ESD chat in the space of 5 minutes?
It gets irritating fast, so I can't blame people for coming down hard on recruiters.
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03-26-2013, 06:24 PM
And there are people who simply harass others for "spamming" chat yet spam chat about other stuff... For crying out loud just right lick and IGNORE someone rather than using this idiotic feature to block someone from talking even to their friends. If people can rampantly flag people for "spam" over one message, this is an EASILY abusable system that needs to be fixed.

I understand not liking spam. When fleets spam repeatedly withing a few minutes I pm them and ask them to slow down. But mine was in no way spam. Yet you pontificate that the "lesson" was learned. NO not at all... Only "lesson" is that some kiddos have access to a wammy button and like to slam it on people in anger.

STO please fix this abusive feature.


Just been watching chat logs (since I now have nothing I can do with any of my FRIENDS....) and I see several things.

MORE spam by the "hate spam" crowd than by the fleet advertising crowd.

MORE anger, harsh words, insults by the "hate spam" crowd than by the fleet advertising crowd.

More linked spam of items than anything else (we gonna block all links now?)

ADMINS - Please take away this ability for users to globally silence other users... the personal ignore list is what should be used...

Here is the chat log btw:

[System] Left channel "Zone".

[System] Joined channel "Fleet".

[System] Joined channel "Zone".

[Zone #5] Spectre@a3001: depends what you're flying

[System] [ItemAssignmentFeedback] Completed assignment "Submit Research on Astrobiological Taxonomy".

[System] [ItemAssignmentFeedback] Completed assignment "Audit Application Credentials of Geologist".

[System] [ItemAssignmentFeedback] Completed assignment "Prepare Lecture on Seismological Analysis".

[System] [ItemAssignmentFeedback] Completed assignment "Authorize Shipboard Concert".

[System] [ItemAssignmentFeedback] Completed assignment "Treatment for Minor Illness".

[System] Joined channel "Officer".

[Zone #5] Spectre@a3001: escort or something else?

[System] [NumericReceived] You received 490 Energy Credits

[System] [NumericReceived] You received 148 Expertise

[System] [NumericReceived] You received 129 Expertise

[System] [NumericReceived] You received 60 Medical XP

[System] [NumericReceived] You received 5 Dilithium Ore

[System] [ItemAssignmentFeedback] Collected rewards for assignment "Treatment for Minor Illness".

[System] [NumericReceived] You received 490 Energy Credits

[System] [NumericReceived] You received 165 Expertise

[System] [NumericReceived] You received 144 Expertise

[System] [NumericReceived] You received 64 Science XP

[System] [NumericReceived] You received 5 Dilithium Ore

[System] [ItemAssignmentFeedback] Collected rewards for assignment "Audit Application Credentials of Geologist".

[System] [NumericReceived] You received 490 Energy Credits

[System] [NumericReceived] You received 212 Expertise

[System] [NumericReceived] You received 185 Expertise

[System] [NumericReceived] You received 75 Science XP

[System] [NumericReceived] You received 5 Dilithium Ore

[System] [ItemAssignmentFeedback] Collected rewards for assignment "Prepare Lecture on Seismological Analysis".

[Zone #8] ACHILLIES@ShizerHead: i like chicken i like liver bits and bits meow mix delivers

[System] [ItemAssignmentFeedback] Started new assignment "Attempt to Play a Game of Fizzbin".

[System] [ItemAssignmentFeedback] Started new assignment "Crew Evaluations".

[Zone #10] Keahi@cptkeahi: any opinions on apo3 vs cannon scatter 3 for tac escort?

[System] [ItemAssignmentFeedback] Started new assignment "Parse Subspace Telescope Data".

[Zone #21] Richards@Azrukhal: If you combine cannons in the front with turrets in the back, you can seriously ruin someone's day.

[System] [ItemAssignmentFeedback] Started new assignment "Review Credentials of Biologist".

[Zone #21] Amryn@amryntha: Moar AoF=Moar DPS

[Zone #5] Logan@LogantheNomad: Multi-Mish Science Vessel

[System] [ItemAssignmentFeedback] Started new assignment "Drinks On The Town!".

[Zone #1] Sralek@sralek: anyone interested in making a fleet with me need 4 more people pm me for invite

[Zone] Zedrin@Seddrik_Frost: FROST CORPS welcomes new or experienced players! Casual, friendly, Tier 1+, active in missions, PVE & some PVP. We use TS. PM for info.

[System] You have been flagged as a spammer. A customer service representative has been notified. You may chat again in 24 hours, 0 minutes, and 0 seconds.

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