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Engineering kits need to be simplified. Currently we are forced to switch kits to do what the other classes can do in one kit (aka a 'role').

For example, we can deploy turrets and mortar with the fabrication kit but to fix the turrets or give them a snowball's chance in hell of surviving a single borg elite stf hit we need to buff them....which is in another kit.

Thanks to the borg map-wide ability to pull people into red alert this becomes practically impossible to do.

Please simplify the engineering kits.

Since engineers have the following 'themed' abilities:

Build stuff to hurt (turrets/mortars)
Build stuff to heal/support (generators)
Direct damage to enemy (bombs/mines)
Debuff enemy (weapon malfunction,etc)
Direct heal/support of self and equipment (shield heal, etc).

Why not take these skillsets and crunch them into just 4 kits? Two sets of kits that synergize with each other.

Ordnance Kit:

Quick Fix
Equipment Diagnostics

Defensive Position Kit:

Shield Generator
Force Field Dome
Medical Generator

Team Support kit:

Shield Heal
Fuse Armor
Weapons Malfunction
Combat Supply

Combat Engineer Kit:

Seeker Drone
Force Field Dome

This allows the engineers to have two sets of kits: One set using constructed items in 'static' means and the other sets focus on mobility of the engineer supporting his team on the move.

Both offer superb synergy with the abilities and their role and it allows the team to benefit greatly.

It also cuts out two kits from the insane swap-o-rama we have now...which is cut by the red alert from a snare hitting a team-mate 100m away.

Other changes needed:

Structures (turrets, generators) :

Need their shields buffed to match that of the borg npcs in elite when in elite. Currently there is simply no way for the engineer structures to survive a single 'sweep' attack from a single drone. Even at max skill points plus engineer buffs and shield generator/force field dome they just die. Heck, even the barrier shield from engineer capt ability cant take much damage. How are we supposed to provide decent support with structures when they simply dont last and (in the turret's case) cant even hurt the borg (borg shields seem to have 99% resists).

I would suggest changing the turrets to be tetryon damage type and up their proc rate to 10%.

Barrier shield needs to have more hitpoint or alternatively, just give it a shield and hp bar like any other structure. That alone would double the hp and let it take a few hits for the generators it so often protects.

Mines need to have their effect changed. They hardly do any damage worth mentioning. Why not then make them also inflict a snare of 8 seconds duration along with a 5 second duration weapons malfunction?

Finally: Doffs need to be allowed to stack. It is just silly to allow tactical captains to put 3 security officers on active duty and get 6 highly mobile, much higher damage redshirts beamed down to fight while engineer is stuck with just 3 turrets max at a time. We can equip multiple mortar doffs so why not turrets?

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