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# 1 Constant Server Disconnects
09-16-2012, 09:33 PM
Im seriously getting tired of this. I either can't login and the launcher times out, or it gets to the Retrieving list of maps" thing, or it times out while loading the mission I was on. When it DOES go into to environment, EVERYTHING is locked out. There is no interation with anything.. Even the enemies (on Nukara) behave as if I'm not there. I can't talk to NPCs, I can't activate powers, and I can't even beam up or down. I want to know what's going on here and why I can't play this game anymore.

Yes, I have a stable internet connection.
I have cleared the cache, cookies, history, etc.
I cleaned and defragged my hard drive.
I even restarted my computer and reset my modem.

None of this worked.

I also noticed the sound going in and out. I wasn't sure if it was my speakers, so I plugged it into my system and it kept doing that.

Is there a reason, as a BETA-era Lifer, I have no right to play this game? Did I do something to piss off the Dev's or some other horrible atrocity? I've reported this as a bug twice and so far it seems no one cares.

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