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We are a friendly fleet looking for active, casual or serious hard players. We have members from all over the world, so getting on at any time of the day or night, there should be someone on as well. We have reached T4 of our Fleet Base, T3 for the Dilthium Mine Base, Embassy and Spire.
We welcome all who want to benefit all that a fleet can give. We ask that once you are recruited into the Sheep, to follow the link to submit your application into our Guild. There is a lot of great information there along with being able to communicate with other fleet members when out of game. We have our fleet rules posted there, monthly fleet meeting notes, monthly bank statements, lore answer link and much much more. We have a fleet ranking structure which we feel is fair to everyone within the fleet. After reaching the rank of Captain, it is up to the Generals and Lt. Generals on further ranking. We not only look at the fleet credits accumulated by members, but also by attitude towards other fleet mates, how much they get involved with meetings, stf's, pve's pvps etc. A great attitude goes a long way as well as helping out others, within the fleet or other players around them. Most of us will voice chat, via Skype and we have a lot of fun. That's up to the player, it's not a requirement..

This is an Update*****

The VMS 214- Black Sheep Squadron is still recruiting Players of ALL Levels, Skills, or Species.
Our Base is closing in on T5, everyone is working on upgrading and gathering Specialization Points to get our Captains
Maxed for whats to come in the near future. We Enjoy forming teams and Conquering the Universe.
Come find us and see if we are a Right Fit for You.....

Please contact the following players if you are interested in more information about our Fleet:
or anyone that you see with our fleet badge over their heads.
We hope that you will inquire about joining our fleet. We play hard, like to just have some good old fun.

See you in game
Fleet Leadership
Bank Manager.

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