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The Starfleet ECRS (Exploration-Colinization-Reconstruction-Support) Fleet Task Force is recruiting players! This Fleet is RP friendly though if you perfer not to RP, we wont hold it against you! The United Federation of Planets passed resolution 24/8A recently, calling for the infastructure (in the form of personel, ships, bases and material) be on hand to help outlying colonies, address war torn planets where the war has shifted away from, engage in Scientific exploration, and support other fleets currently engaged in conflict or otherwise in need of assistance. The ECRS Fleet Task Force (a fleet currently on paper and in name only) is headed up by Vice Admiral Sariah. Those interested in joining the fleet should contact Sariah@SariahMoonDove or email luksm23@yahoo.com Anyone and everyone are welcome.

Those well connected with Starfleet command might have heard that Vice Admiral Sariah pushed for the passing of Resolution 24/8A. She has a reputation as being one of the biggest "Butterfly Catchers" in the fleet, though this lable is unfair as she has proven herself on two seperate occasions serving in the roll of Assualt fleet commander, re-taking New Avalon from a force of entrenched Gorn and anihilating a larger force of Klingon Ships near the front.

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