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02-21-2013, 04:51 PM
i bought the kar'fi and i'm not impressed

what makes or breaks the 2 hangar carriers are their pets, and the kar'fi fer'jei frigates pale substantially to the b'rotlh to the point that the extra manuverability, extra tac console, extra weapon mount making dhc a viable option over the vo'quv still has it parsing under the vo'quv when the pets are put into play

i spent money on the kar'fi and on getting dil to buy the advanced fer'jei. it feels like a substantial waste of money right now after parsing 20 ise's on each.

(i don't pvp in a game where you can eat 80k quantum torp crits from a player. this is strictly pve)

the fer'jei seem to not have been given the same ai pass as others, using their dhc's far less often than b'rotlh do - approximately 60% less often. the base damage on their ap dhcs and ap turrets do less per shot than the b'rotlh and their chroniton torpedos do very little damage. their tricobalt weaponry never did player damage but was also nerfed with last weeks patch. in addition they almost never use aceton beam, lowering their effectiveness as a support ship if that was their original intention.

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