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# 1 Independant Ships
09-14-2012, 09:02 AM
I'll probably regret this if this suggestion is taken in the near future since I doubt I'll be able to invest much in lockboxes for a while given my Tholian collection (in referance to which, I would like a response, at least showing it was read, to my last post about the Tholian weapon set) but what I'd like to see from Tholian lockboxes is as the title says Independant ships.

Pretty much everything we have right now in STO is tied to one group or another we have Tholians, Ferengi, Federation, KDF, etc... Star Trek however has had a number of ships that have showed up which were flown by people not apparently affiliated to any faction. One of the most awesome was the Mercenary cruiser that showed up in that TNG episode where Picard went undercover to infiltrate an independant crew. I'd love to see some ships like that tossed into STO for C-points, or Lobi (which is more annoying to work with). Star Trek is full of stuff like that, and truthfully it DOES make a bit more sense that if groups like the Federation needed more hulls due to all of the wars it's fighting on other fronts that it would start comissioning from independant shipwrights and foundaries rather than say trying to refit and repurpose ships from enemy factions that are captured, although the Federation using captured/claimed tech from other races isn't entirely without precedent, after all they DID use DS-9 as opposed to building a Federation Starbase (which in retrospect probably would have saved them no end of trouble that came from Cardassians knowing the station and it's systems better than they did).
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09-18-2012, 02:17 PM
Yeah always liked the Miradorn ships.

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