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Originally Posted by ilys65 View Post
From other photo's I've seen, the actor is a smoker. Would be difficult to smoke with both those gloves on.
Ahh yep. I was hopeful that it would probably simply be a case of the glove simply not being on in the picture being circulated. Afterall, it would be weird to remove someone's arm, attach a prosthetic and then attach what's left of their hand onto that. Even going armour plating atop cyberized flesh, it wouldn't make sense to leave the hand as the one untouched area. Didn't think of smoking as the reason behind the glove being off.
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Originally Posted by charliescot25 View Post
I preferred the old Robo Cop. The new one looks awful cheap looking and doesn't surprise me that it looks half like Batman suit
I would not even be half surprised if they obtained it from Christopher Nolan's garage sale.
Originally Posted by vivenneanthony View Post
Get your facts straight about Star Trek. It was not a money making scheme. It was one person vision / idea.

CBS turned it into a making making scheme during the original movies.
-vivenneanthony 2014
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09-20-2012, 06:37 PM
I too loved the original, but don't know what to make of that new look.

But ED-209 has never looked better! Hope they teach this one how to use stairs.... oink!
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