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09-18-2012, 12:49 PM
Star-fleet has been around since the early days of STO, but until recently has been mainly quiet when it comes to recruiting. With the introduction of Season 6 and the fleet starbases, we have recently decided to open up our doors to anyone who wants to have a small but friendly group of people in which to interact with.

Here's a bit of what we do in the fleet:

Leveling: A majority of us are already at Vice Admiral, so we're willing to help people get their characters up there so that they may gain access to the end game content that STO provides.

STFs: A few of our members, myself included, like to do these end game raid missions. We would definitely like to get people that want to get the best stuff for their ships (such as the borg set). Since it takes five people to do an STF, it's better to have people who you know you can count on rather than get stuck with a bunch of people who have no idea what to do.

Fleet Actions: We're still trying to get our starbase upgraded, and we usually do the new fleet actions that provide fleet marks. As with the STFs, having our own fleet together really makes all the difference as it's fun when you know the people you're playing with.

Dailies: Ever since the game went free 2 play, dilithium has been in my eyes as an alternative to shelling out real money to buy stuff. As there are plenty of daily missions that award dilithium, it's fairly easy to save up and eventually purchase something fun in the C-store. We're all willing to help people get that special item that they want, whether it's a bank upgrade, character slots or a shiny new ship, the more people we have to aid in dilithium grabbing, the faster we can get you to what you want, and the faster we can also get to growing the starbase (as many projects also require it).

This is just the beginning of what we want to do. We are all friendly and always help each other out in the game when we can. If you want a fleet with a friendly enviornment with members that love to help new players out, please contact Jack@gamerboy100 (my handle on the game).

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