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Originally Posted by reaper66688 View Post
fix the danubes first then the siphon drones. i agree the siphon drones are op but so are the danubes. u get tb'ed by 5-6 danubes and not even omega can keep u moving fast enough to have a decent defense rating. its not much of a problem against the atrox but against an armitage its a big problem. make the danubes atrox only. and yes cap the drain on siphon drones.
I think its BS that the escort player "have their cake and eating it too," with the escort carriers. They are already the heaviest DPS ships in the game, outrunning you and shield tanking enough that you can't harm them, but now they don't have to chase you to keep you from healing. They just sic their runabouts on you to hold you down while they smash you to pieces.
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09-19-2012, 03:21 AM
Originally Posted by alexindcobra View Post
Is it really necessary to allow players to have 7 Advanced Energy Siphon drones? Whats with the power draining as a fighting techneque because I don't know an active defense against it? When you have players that can just sit back and drain other players without having to fight whlie NPC's do all the work, destroys the balance in the game. These siphon drones are too tough to be destroy in tractor repulsor beam unless I use aux batteries but when i run out, then what? While you are busy trying to destroying the siphons which are tough like advanced runabouts, the player is destroying you. What ever happened to Player versus Player and the test of skill? PVP in STO has become Player with the deepest pocket wins, Player versus environment controlled by player, Player versus cheat codes. When people are allowed to be indestructable then the game is no longer competition.

Energy sighons are a bad idea and don't show skill at all, just laziness.
I have no problem giving them up...when the feds give up the danubes.
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Originally Posted by blunted74 View Post
I have no problem giving them up...when the feds give up the danubes.
I don't use carriers, but this statement makes no sense. Siphon Drones shut you down completely, you can't move, can't keep your shields up and can't fire back. Exactly how does that compare to Danubes?

Yes, Danubes are a problem, but comparing the 2 is just a cop-out of an excuse for using Siphon Drones.
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Originally Posted by defalus View Post
I don't PVP much so maybe others can disect what I say here and propose something better... or just shoot me down.

Why not remove the Siphons and replace them with a new frigate that uses something like the Energy dissipator used by the Breen - "The weapon works by draining the energy of targeted ships, disabling their engines, weapons, and shields, thus making them easy targets for conventional weapons."

A couple of frigates with good hp and shields that can periodicly launch these stong pulses would be better than a constant drain no? And if story canon etc is an issue then something along the lines of the KDF saw how effective these weapons were and adapted them for use on KDF carriers.
That is actually a good idea, been in PvP loads of times where I've ended up getting spammed by siphons and nothing seems to counter the constant spam
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just a little contribution... how about these carrier pets, why not instead of having all of the set dedicated to being tractor beam and mix the ships and their skills.

so "Tractor Beam Runabouts" 1/2-Tractor Beam Runabout, Cannon Runabout, Bean Runabout, Tachyon Beam Runabout. and thats the "Tractor Beam Runabout" set.

it would most probably cure peoples concerns of "skill" spam and so forth. even for the siphon carrier pet sets, either having one or two actual siphon pets and the other ships are weapon dedicated.

I'm aware that the pet groups have there own skills per ship like "Advance Stalker Fighters" that have Placate, AUX Drain, Antiproton Sweep, Stealth. seperate the skills from being on one ship and spread them over the group, 1 ship aux drain 1 ship antiproton sweep, the placate and stealth skills can be for all ships but atleast seperating their skills and the ammount of ships that have an idividual skill will decrease these "spamms" I would believe.

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Only one wing per carrier, limited deployable squadrons per encounter lets say 10 squadrons per encounter, strategyc use of them resolved continuous spam, everyone hapy except the spammers .

Personally i stick with the last method limited deployable squadrons makes a lot of sense since nothing can have infinite resources, and force you to use them wisely.  1340395851
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Difference between danubes and siphons: once siphons get you, you're done. Once danubes get you, you still stand a chance. Escorts can run 2 omegas and 1 ph, so danubes are not such a big issue from this point of view, all others can use at least a ph, still, danubes could have less hull. To deal with siphons right now, you need a very specific build, either beamscort (which for most ppl sucks), either dps cruiser, both chaining faw. And as lamid said, the main issue are the doffs, you need a dedicated person to deal with spam. And what's even worse, a recluse with siphons, a recluse being almost impossible to kill due to cmdr uni and how it can be set.

Borticus, if you read this, could you please tell us if power insulators resist drain from siphons? Thing is it might, but the drain could be too high for the insulators to handle. Maybe siphons need their own drain formula, that would include a min drain and a max, hard for me to say since I have no idea what works and what doesn't.
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Siphon drones are on a completely different level than runabouts. That being said, they are both problems. Seems petty to demand that the one isn't touched until the other is fixed though.
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trueprom3theus I understand I also understand the Doffs too.

the carrier pets are annoying and with the Doffs even more annoying but they're ingame and being abused "poor carrier pets" I'm just going to carry on being Ms.PVE.Alot and not worry anymore

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I say iether get rid of both the Siphon Drones and Danube shuttles or find a way to fix them so the Siphon drain doesn't shut you down and the Danube TB doesn't flood you with a plethora of TBs that perma-stop you in a fight.

Both pets suck when you face them in combat.
balance them or lose them.
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