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I have just purchased a Regent and have been playing with setups, i really didnt get on well with beams especially on fleet missions as FAW just annoys lots of enemy without hurting my primary threats

I settled on a tactical turret build and wonder if anyone has a better suggestion?

LVL 50 TAC Captain

ensign tac| Torpedo spread I
universal - Tac lieutenant| Tac team I, Cannon scatter volley I |Universal - Sci Lieutenant (used when borg get plasma happy): Polarise Hull I, Hazard Emmiters II
lieutenant commander tac| Tac Team I, Attack Pattern Beta ,Cannon scatter volley II
Lieutenant Engy| Engineering team I,Extend Shields I
Commander Engy| Power to shields I,Reverse Shield Polarity I,Aux to structural II,Eject Warp Plasma III
Fore Weapons: 3* AP Turret MK XII Borg, Quantum Launcher MK XII Borg
Aft Weapons: 3* AP Turret MK XII Borg, special quantum launcher
MACO Shields, MACO Deflector, Borg Engines
Devices: Shields Bat Large, Engine Bat Large, Aux Bat Large, Weapons Bat Large

Console Modifications:
Tactical:2* Antiproton Mag Regulator MK XI Rare, Zero Point Quantum Chamber MK XI Rare
Engineering: EPS Flow Regulator MK XII Very Rare,Neutronium Alloy MK XI Rare,Ablative Hull Armour MK XII Very Rare, tetraburnium alloy MK XII Very Rare
Science:2* field generator MK XI Rare
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09-18-2012, 04:13 AM
Originally Posted by richandrews View Post
I have just purchased a Regent ...
just ditch that bucket of junk and get a real ship.
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09-18-2012, 04:31 AM
It might just be my insomnia, but ...

Did I get this right?
You're complaining about getting too much aggro from FAW, so you're switching to weapons that deal even less damage than if you simply did not use FAW at all?
And you're trying to dps with that?
In a cruiser?
... and you're asking if that's a good idea???

Where do you start explaining where this is ALL wrong?

k, first: Cruisers are either Tanks (= deal enough damage to make people shoot at you, then heal through the hate) or Healers (in PvP only, in PvE a healer is a liability, nothing more - there's nothing to heal, any decently build ship will either tank what gets thrown at it, or get two-shot. Not much middle ground.)
Tanking as a Tac means you have an easier time generating enough aggro, but lack oh-crap buttons - you have to build around that, but you still have to build tank or be useless.

Proposed build:
Ens Tac: (TT1) or (TS1/HYT1) (1)
LCdr Tac: TT1, (FAW2 or APB1), (FAW3 or APB2) (2)
Lt Uni (Sci): (TSS1, TSS2) or (HE1, HE2) (3)
Lt Eng: EPtW1, RSP1
Cmdr Eng: EPtW1, EPtS2, EPtS3, Aux2SIF3

Fore: 3x Beam Array, 1 Torp
Aft: 3x Beam Array, 1 Torp

Cons Tac: 3x Energy Weapon Type
Cons Ens: 2x Neutronium, 1x Borg, 1x whatever you like (RCS, P2W Console, another Neutronium, Electroceramic, ...)
Cons Sci: 2x Field Generator

Shield: M.A.C.O., Deflector and Engine: Borg.

(1): second TT can be replaced by having two Conn DOffs, making room for a torp skill. TS for more AoE aggro as an opener, or HYT to finish off single targets.
(2): FAW if you need to tank, to gain AoE aggro, APB if you're not tanking to support group dps.
(3): TSS version for shield tanking against non-borg, HE version for STFs.

Energy Settings: Weapons max, leftover to AUX.

How to play: Shoot things, and survive the incoming fire, while still dealing very solid dps.

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# 4
09-18-2012, 05:03 AM
Originally Posted by flekh View Post
You're complaining about getting too much aggro from FAW,
its not the aggro but rather firing in every direction and not really hurting the enemy i want dead.
So i started playing with all turrets and cannon scatter abilities and I am getting kills faster and seeing more high crits than when I used beams.

My aim is a dps/heal ship for fleet levels when no one bothers to heal transports/starbase

I will try your engy setup with the 2 EPTS + the RSP and see how that works with the cooldowns.
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# 5
09-18-2012, 05:24 AM
Build is a complete disaster. If you want to go the cannon route

Weapons: Disruptor Cannon x 3, 180? Quantum torpedo x 1
Aft: Disruptor Turret x 4
Antiproton is for escorts, not cruisers, you can't hit hard enough and kill fast enough. Use distruptors to weaken and increase DPS.

Shield - Maco/Omega
Deflector - Borg/Omega
Engine - Borg/Borg
*The Maco + 3 pc borg is survivability king, the 2 pc omega set will make you turn much faster and add shield drains to every cannon shot

Tac - Disruptor x 3, you can put a quantum in, it won't help as much
Eng - Borg console, Neutronium, whatever else you want, RCS might help with the omega set
Sci - Field generator x 2
Device: Shield Bat, Weapons Bat, Deuterium, Subspace field modulator


Ensign Tac: Torp Spread 1, CSV1/APD, CSV2
Lt. Cmd Tac: Tac Team 1,
Universal (Sci): Polarize hull 1, Hazard emitters 2
Cmd Eng: EPtW1, EPtS2, EPtS3, Aux2SIF3
Lt Eng: EPtW1, RSP1

2 Cons w/ Tact team cooldown
The other three... your choice, lots of flexibility if you want defence or offence.
You can reduce cannon cool downs, or emergency power cooldowns

You should have all your weapons in firing arc pretty much all the time on this ship.
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# 6
09-18-2012, 08:21 PM
Alright, here's the deal. I do not subscribe to the theory that Cruisers can't deal damage. They can in fact, deal excellent damage. Not on the levels of an escort, but still considerable amounts. If everyone stopped claiming that cruisers are for nothing but tank, then I wouldn't have too suffer through an unendurable 20 minutes of being the only damage dealing ship in the group while others whittled away at a simple probe.

Rant done, this is both a very good ship, and it can deal damage in the right hands with the right fit. That said, you're doing it wrong. Sorry mate, but there is no other way too put it. Cruisers do best with beam arrays, or dual beam banks. You want lots of fire power? Turrets in the back, dual beams up front. Can work for STF's, definitely not for PvP. That said, stick with standard arrays. Keep the quantums.

You were complaining about fire at will not dealing enough damage. FAW 1 won't, and even III can be lacking. Too be honest, it was supposed to be the torp spread/scatter volley of the beam array world. It isn't. It's made too draw aggro now, and thats what you were doing. IF you want to deal damage, get beam arrays back, and focus on a single shield facing on a single target, using a broadside. This is even more plausible with your wide angle quantum, which means you can drain a targets shields quickly, and then fire the quantum with either torp spread, or high yield. You'll get kills much fast that way. If you're banging away at an unshielded foe, just keep pounding on them with everything you've got until they go boom. Real shield penetration power comes from beam overload. Go with BO2 or above, those ones can deal some real damage. Use on a dual beam bank for maximum effect if you have one equipped.
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09-18-2012, 09:02 PM
As many others have said Turrets are weak.

What I don't get is how your claiming higher Crits with a lower base damage weapon. More Frequent makes sense, as you have 6 weapons at 360 with a faster firing rate than beams.

If you simply changed from a beam to a turret (same level, bonuses, type) the damage per a crit should have dropped. Also Beams have far less drop off than Cannons which are truly effective at ranges less than 5k.

I don't think it has enough base turn to try a Cannon Cruiser layout when the Excelsior seems to be a cheaper better choice for that.

EPtW with BO seems to be the way I'd go. But you'd want to put a Dual Beam Bank on the front and not be using Autofire on your beams for it to happen. You don't want the Overload to be wasted on a single when you got the Dual ready.
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09-19-2012, 04:53 AM
Regent build:-

Fore weapons - 4x Cannons
Aft weapons - 4x Turrets

Deflector - Borg
Engine - Borg
Shields - Maco

Engineering consoles - Borg, RCS or plasma resist console, 2x neutronium
Science consoles - 2x field generators
Tactical consoles - 3x damage booster of weapon type

Lt Universal - (sci) hazard emitters 1, transfer shield strength 2
Ensign Tac - tactical team 1
Lt cmdr Tac - tactical team 1, cannon rapid fire 1, cannon rapid fire 2
Cmdr Eng - emergency power to shields 1, directed energy modulation 1, emergency power to shields 3, directed energy modulation 3 or aux to SIF 3
Lt Eng - engineering team 1, reverse shield polarity 1

The regent is fine with the cannon build and rips through pretty much any NPC with it.
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