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# 1 Free Ship Token at Lvl 50?
09-19-2012, 04:59 AM
I just read in a closed thread (not disputing that at all) that prior to F2P level 50 players got a free token to get a C-store ship. Now I can understand the change, being that if all the F2P players could get that, barely any of them would put any money into the game. At the end of the day it's what Cryptic is after, being a business and all.

But part of good business is to show your customers that you appreciate them, value their business. Goodwill and all that.

What I propose that I am sure a great many wouldn't be a fan of is this:

Lifetime Subscribers and 600 day plus Gold Subscribers should still get this feature (latter already does I know). Mainly because it adds more value to the Lifetime Subscription. Some might say to wait till you get the 600 Day Vet reward, that is almost 2 years for a lot of Lifetime players. The idea is to give a Lifetime Subscription more value and to ultimately encourage more people to purchase the Lifetime service which in turn brings in more development funding which might in turn give us some decent content rather than the mindless endless grinding that Season 6 introduced.

I can understand Gold Subscribers not at the 600 day might say it's not fair only for Lifetimer Subscribers to only get this, the problem of allowing a lower number is a F2P player could just get a subscription and get the ship and then cancel it. I do however have to admit perhaps the 300 day for a gold subscription might be a better alternative to the 600 day. But ultimately that wouldn't be up to us players, but the Dev team themselves.

Some might also say that more income won't change anything, and I fear you might be right, but this is a proposal to the Development Team. I would appreciate a Dev to respond to this, provide some input and maybe an explanation as to why this might not happen, I understand the rarity of that but I would appreciate it nonetheless.
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# 2
09-19-2012, 05:32 AM
I have no issue with making the VA Token a 300 day Vet Reward over 600 days. I don't want to see LTS get more value over monthly Subscribers, though. Monthly Subscribers are more finacially valuable to Cryptic then LTSers.

I know it might seem like $300.00 at all once is more valuable then $15.00 a month but from a financial perspective the $300.00 has a 15 month equalization point when you factor in Stipends - the point where you go from paying Cryptic to play to them paying you to play. At month 16 you give them zero Subscription dollars and they give you $5.00 in Stipend, and that continues on for the life of the game - and it becomes even more one-sided if you purchase your LTS while it's on sale. So in little over a year an LTSer goes from being an asset to a liability.

From a financial perspective Cryptic should be finding ways to sweeten the pot for monthly Subscribers - but that would just anger LTSers.
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09-19-2012, 05:43 PM
Lifetime subs already get more value. You pay the 299 once. You get forever as a gold member.

Monthly sub pays 15 a month, gets one month.

A lifetime sub should get less than monthly subs honestly. You already get the same, and as said, in 16 months you no longer pay anything but still get all the benefits.

Why do you think a lifer deserves more?

Month to month subs pay just as much, and often more, for the same benefits depending on how long they sub.

Making it a Vet reward is actually a benefit to lifers, because you can quit playing tomorrow and come back in a year and your Vet Rewards are still there. A month to month sub has to continue to pay that whole time.

You just aren't looking at it in the right way...or you are impatient and want your free ship now.

What you should be asking is this:

Yes, before F2P everyone got a VA token. But you know what, anyone who hit VA before the F2P change does NOT get the vet reward token. Nope. They already got their free ship.

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