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The typical way one recruits for a fleet are :

1)spamming (which everyone hates)
2)Referring friends/making friends in PvE
3) helping new members in exchange for membershpi

The last two are purely circumstantial and aren't always possible. So that leaves
spamming as the tool most use. I admit, I've done it, and I hate doing it. Why? It's time
I could be enjoying the game. It also can get you silenced (which makes recruiting effectively
against the rules, yet everyone does it) because most people don't like reading it for the same
reason most people hate comercials. So we need a 3rd option.

Why don't we reform the way PUGs are formed? why not queue 1x and give teams the option
of continuing to work together? The way it works now, PvE members queue up randomly,
complete the mission, complain about how this person or that person can't play, and you break team. However if you have an awesome PUG, why not offer the chance to remain in the same group. This way you can 1) form your own private PvE without CD, and 2) keep working with a team that's effective. IMO, this is a great way to form friendships and meet more people. It would also make the instances of type 2 and 3 recruting more prevalent elminating the need for spamming.

This isn't an original idea. WoW has something similar to this and as a result, it's rather easy for a guild (equivalent of a fleet) to find new members.

I doubt this proposal will get any traction because the devs apparently think they know what's best for us the player, but it's worth a shot.

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