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# 1 Lotus Security Fleet
01-13-2015, 04:22 PM
-What is Lotus Security?-
To answer this question seriously. It's a Fleet for those who are loner's, solo players, serious players and simply do not fit in with the conventional Fleet, but they want the same benefits that people in Fleets receive... without having to go through all of the red tape or being forced to talk or deal with other people, but still have the option to do so at one's own leisure while enjoying the benefits that a Fleet can provide and without feeling like they're being extorted.

Lotus Security was created on the idea of being a Anti-Fleet Fleet, so to speak.

Why should I join Lotus Security?
I could spend a few paragraphs explaining, but that's a waste of time for you to read and for me to write... and I am not good on explaining things through summary-like paragraphs. I prefer a more personal approach in helping someone decide.
In that respect, instead of typing out those paragraphs giving a plain boring explanation to win you over.
If you have any questions about the Fleet itself that I know I won't put on here because I'm incredibly forgetful and admittedly, I'm not the best recruiter in anything. Feel free to ask or say anything.

So what's the point of this Fleet? It sounds like crap.

Well I expect someone to say this or something similar at one point or another, so I'll skip to answering it before anyone says it.
The point of this Fleet is self-explanatory. It is a place for those who don't fit in for whatever reason they might have. Some people may want to be in a Fleet but too shy to ask or talk to someone in a Fleet already.
Some people may not want to be in a Fleet at all, but they'd like the benefits of being in a Fleet and either do not want to make their own to do expensive holding leveling by themselves or they don't want to deal with people and red tape.

So the Fleet, by your words will have people who 'Do not fit in with normal Guilds'. Does this mean if we join that we can expect drama, childish antics and general stupidity?

No, and I say that firmly. I have been in enough Fleets to understand that some allow this to happen even they originally said they don't.
Lotus Security is a Fleet that should be occupied by individuals who generally 'want' to be left alone for the majority, but may want to have idle chitchat at random times.

All drama, trolling, stupidity and general annoyances will be dealt with swiftly and harshly, by a swift kick out of the Fleet. Zero exceptions and no tolerance.

Okay, okay... So what are the requirements? This sounds like a rather odd, but decent Fleet.

...There are none... Well, no, I'd be lying then. There are two, but they aren't requirements more than simple manners. The 'requirements' as they are, are simple: Be respectful and civil to those in the Fleet and outside of it. Being intentionally antagonizing, bullying or even trolling someone in jest is not welcome.

Nothing more and nothing less. Just simple manners.

Right... so who do I talk to, to ask questions about the Fleet that you didn't post or to join?

You can either PM myself here on the forums or send an in-game mail to Ookami@SabakuOokami

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01-20-2015, 11:37 AM
Hmmm one week and nothing... to be expected I suppose. No one wants to join a new fleet with it's holdings being level 0.
...and I lack an ability to make a sufficient enough recruitment post.
So I thought of a couple ways to try and see if they work. (I doubt it, but hey, I may as well try)

The First being:

If you look at this and are even remotely curious or if you have even the most ridiculous question or statement. Please ask or say it and I will listen and/or answer it as best as I can.
I'm far better at actual interaction than typing up the contents of a recruitment topic.

Secondly. Since people take the Holdings into consideration. I may as well state the obvious.

Yes, the Fleet Holdings are Level 0 (for the moment). Which has apparently made the few people I have been able to talk to in-game poof into thin air. (and do it quickly) Technically, I don't like it either, but it is what it is.
That said, no one is obligated to put in any resources to the holdings.
Didn't think it needed to be said, but since it's a concern for people who join a Fleet... there.


Well this is more of a question or request than anything else, but maybe someone can provide some assistance to it in any case.
The question: What is lacking in the original post?
I look at it and it... looks okay to me, but still feels like something is lacking. Perhaps someone can tell me what it is.

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