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Has anyone done this yet? Have your other Captains appear as BOs on your away team? Im considering doing it for a few missions just for the fun of it. You would have to either save your current BO in the tailer, then overwrite that BO temporarily with the body of another Captain on your account if the BO had the same sex, race, and career as the Guest captain. Or buy additional BO slots just for your guest captains, buy purple BOs and max rank them. They may not all have the best gear, unless you are that rich. Then, when you dont want your other captains appearing as BOs on your bridge, you change them to a placekeeper other identity and face, knowing those BOs only exist as placekeepers for your other captains to visit. Someone could create a foundry mission or two telling the player to do this since every away team member will have dialogue from a Captains point of view. Just an idea for a fun change of pace. The easiest foundry mission to make is likely a holodeck training mission that has all Captains on one away team, like a Captains only exercise.
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