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# 1 Looking for a KDF fleet!
03-24-2014, 09:46 PM
Howdy lads,

I have been searching for a KDF fleet, that MUST have ACTIVE members (at least 5-10).
My old Fleet (Orion Empire) has about 20-30 active always, but they almost NEVER chat or do any events or anything together (most likely because everything is completed).

What tiers you have does not matter much, already have all Fleet XII stuff I could want
People in the fleet must be if possible at least all 14+.
It must also have responsible leadership.

I donate large amounts (one of the greatest donator in my Fed fleet) & everything I will earn will go into the Fleet.

My in-game name is "Arcturus@dukhatt", so if you would like me to serve under your rule:
Send me a mail/PM!

Age: 22
Job: Accountant
Nationality: Dutch
In-Game Name: Arcturus@dukhatt
Hours in STO: 410
Steam name: GanjaCommandoNL
My Bortasqu build:
(Also have the same weapons & consoles in "Plasma" variant)

PS: I can be eccentric at times, like typing too much or answering questions in too much detail :p

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# 2
03-25-2014, 12:50 AM
Well, to begin, there is an area of the forums down below for recruitment threads, including looking for a fleet. But your thread might get moved, so...*shrug*

Anyways, a few things:

1. I see you are Dutch. But that most likely implies you are in Europe, correct? Not an issue, but my fleet is mostly on at American/western times in general, so I just wanted to let you know that if it is quiet a lot when you are on, that is why. If that would keep you from joining our fleet, I would completely understand.

2. Typing English doesn't seem to be a problem, but are you ok with the usage of a voice program like Teamspeak? It isn't a requirement at all to use it, but we do talk a lot on ours, form groups, etc on it.

3. The age thing will not be an issue. We don't allow anyone under 18 to join, and that goes double for our Teamspeak itself. Especially since things can get pretty adult at times.

4. Our leadership, while kept rather simple, is effective and efficient, no fleet politics or BS go on. We have a system, and it has worked well for us.

5. While events don't happen all the time, when we are able to, they are generally quite popular. Biggest one we have is what we call 'Drunken fleet days' where we all log into STO and our TS, usually hammered (or get that way as the day goes on), and do stuff together. Next one is most likely planned in mid-late April or so.

Hmm, that is about all I have for right now. I'm curious on any comments or questions you might have about my fleet? Btw, we are the Sentinels of War on the KDF side.

Why are all of STO's EPs named 'Steve'?
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# 3
03-28-2014, 10:22 AM
Thread move
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# 4
03-28-2014, 12:12 PM
Ola en welkom .

I'm Dutch and pretty eccentric as well, probably something in our food (or iconians) .

I have created two fleets;

  • Soon TM (Fed fleet, T1.5)
  • Redacted TM (KDF, new and just starting)

I'm online daily and can be found at the FoundryTalk channel, there'll be a fleet channel soon enough so we can talk KDF/FED at the same time.

Oh, and there's another dutch fleetmember as well. Dus laat maar weten wat je wilt .
^^ I am Stoutes, and I approve of my message (and inb4exploit!) ^^

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