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09-21-2012, 08:52 AM
I like the story - Trek is why I'm here.

However, many of the missions are rather boring, and if you run them all in one go, very repetitive. Loved going back in time and meeting the TOS guys though.

I haven't skipped a single mission yet - but I'm still on the Romulan chain, even though I've been VA for a good while now. I'm currently grinding Diplomacy XP from DOffs to hit Ambassador before doing the next story mission, since it's necessary. I was initially annoyed during the Klingon chain that I lacked that option, but I heard that section was majorly bugged anyway.

The fact that I'm also playing Guild Wars 2, Torchlight 2, Borderlands 2, and FTL makes me willing to just DOff until I'm an Ambassador, heh. I still need to finish 2 more DLCs in Fallout New Vegas (after which I'll have done everything and can launch the final mission), I'm drowning in options.

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09-21-2012, 11:37 AM
Im on breen. But i jump around. I skipped almost all the cardassian cause i just wanted the jemmi engine. Then did the borg cAuse why not. Then back to cardassia.

You gotta sprinkle em in. Do an stf do a fleet do a mission. Keep it fresh.
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09-21-2012, 12:12 PM
I enjoyed the story missions and wish they would take the time to make a de-bugging pass over each of them. Possibly "remaster" a few of them as well.

One of my biggest gripes with the game is the lack of resolution to the main "story."

I believe it could be wrapped up in 10 missions and one three-part FE. One of the MANY possible resolutions could bring a restoration of the Federation-Klingon Alliance in order to stave off the threat of the Borg and Iconians.

That closes out the long-running arc, and allows for the deployment of more of the content that the Devs prefer... short grind-content and the one-off mission.
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09-21-2012, 12:35 PM
Yes, I've played the 9 KDF centric missions, the FE's and all agnostic content, enjoyed them all and now wait for more.
Originally Posted by staq16 View Post
The Federation may have all the superficial attention - but the game engine has a Klingon heart that lives only for battle.
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09-21-2012, 01:30 PM
I've got to admit that I'm not spending much time on story missions at the moment.

Much more time spent doffing and starbase building with 5 Fed characters right now.

But that doesn't mean I don't want more story. Or that I dislike the stories we already have. Most of them I like; only a few I'm reluctant to want to replay.

The only mission I am really ultra-critical of is 'Of Bajor'. Not because it didn't have interesting elements, but because it is the one mission that really cried out for a more freeroaming experience. They proved to us that they could make mission branching work and what did they do with it? They ran us from one end of the map to the other and back like a mouse in a maze. But even there I have to admit that they did some things we hadn't seen before. I'd love to see bits and pieces of those elements in other new story missions.

(I enjoy that social zone a lot more now that I'm not forced to run errands in it )

I am waiting on rewards for Foundry Spotlight to do spotlight missions, since it's due to come out sometime between now and November (I think). I want to play those cool Foundry missions once and then move on to the next.

Would I replay a Foundry Spotlight mission? Sure. But not back-to-back. I've done that for FE's, trying to get all of the cool rewards for all of my alts, but it's exhausting.
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09-21-2012, 02:32 PM
The trend you're seeing, I believe, is shared, globally, by other MMO's and even in other media (such as TV, Movies, Etc.) and relates to an increasingly short attention span in the general public. I've noticed the same thing in other MMO's such as DCUO, DDO and others. Having said that in most of the better MMO's (and, especially, in STO) I see constant effort on the part of Devs to continue to provide content (or to provide something like the Foundry) for those, like myself, who enjoy story content. Unlike some of the posters that have replied I play an MMO for the same reason I watch a movie or read a book so story content is very important to me (with the added bonus that it is interactive to some degree and my actions may affect the way the story plays out). I prefer Space to Ground by far and I prefer story driven content. I do grind for the better gear but only to the extent that it will actually improve my abilities within the story content. I think the Foundry is the best ultimate goal in this game. Once having achieved VA and played what story content I wanted to (I avoid anything to do with Romulans or anything that involves covert activities as I find both detestable) I primarily do the grind missions then devote the rest of my time to the Foundry. But I gather I'm in the minority (no worries... I've been there most of my life heheheh... I'm used to it... I like it )
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09-21-2012, 05:09 PM
I will be playing through the story missions on my 16 alts. I am nearly done with getting to 50 with all of my characters and only have story and foundry missions left to do to help with role play.
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09-21-2012, 05:58 PM
Several times in this thread I have read someone say that the game needs a director...

Well to my mind, isn't that what the lead developer is supposed to do?

What exactly is Daniel Stahl doing? I don't mean that in a negative way. It's a legitimate question. What is he doing specifically?

And what is the creative vision for STO going forward for the next year?

If you ask me, they should be working on story missions and using the very successful marketing method called "product placement" to showcase all the cool new things coming to the C-store, or to the next lockbox...

For example... if they have us board a stranded starship to look for survivers, they can take a duplicate of a player interior with a brand new bridge varriant. Not long after this mission would deploy, the bridge varriant would become available on the C-store.

The mission would generate buzz about the new Bridge varriant. Those who like it will want it for their own ship. And of course, when it comes available, they'll buy it.

Imagine if they had implemented a Jupiter starbase that not only would have given players another place to visit, but also serve as a new hub for foundry doors, a new set of DOff missions, and a command level with a beautiful view of Jupiter, but had used it as the debut location for the Jupiter Uniforms. All NPCs in it would be wearing varriants of the Jupiter uniform. Imagine if they had done that two weeks before releasing the uniforms to the C-store... How many more people would likely have bought that set...

Or how bout a time travel mission to 2403, where everyone is wearing the All Good Things uniform. If people get to play it and see it, then they would likely buy the uniform...

It's too late now. They DID do an awesome job with the Odyssey Class. Putting one on display in Earth Space Dock before a playable version came around. If they do that with every new ship class... Maybe not all at ESD... But imagine going to DS9 and seeing a new ship docked at one of the pylons.

This is how story content can be monetized... By not releasing a single new C-store item without a story mission that showcases it to the player. The mission would cost nothing. But the cool new things that are in them would be noticed by any but the least observant players, and will have people looking forward to getting access to them for themselves.
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09-21-2012, 07:11 PM
Originally Posted by sirsitsalot View Post
Several times in this thread I have read someone say that the game needs a director...

Well to my mind, isn't that what the lead developer is supposed to do?

What exactly is Daniel Stahl doing? I don't mean that in a negative way. It's a legitimate question. What is he doing specifically?
My understanding is that he has to manage labor, marketing and business strategy, branding, human resource development, and oversee the team leaders scheduling and get the team leaders on the same page and set parameters.

He's what Rick Berman was to Trek, what Don Murphy was to the Transformers films, what Michael Uslan was to the Batman films.

I'll use Uslan as an example.

Uslan produced Batman, Batman Returns, Batman & Robin, all the animated films, Batman Begins, Dark Knight, and Dark Knight Rises.

There are things Uslan brings to the table. Partly name talent and production quality.

But the guy who produced Batman & Robin was the guy who produced The Dark Knight.

And that guy has a job that corresponds to Daniel Stahl's. Now, I think Dan is a better writer than Uslan, having read Uslan's comic books and being familiar with his brief filmography. Not that Uslan is bad but I'd be VERY eager to see Dan write a Trek novel or episode. But that isn't Dan's primary role, which is more about broad vision and product polish.

You can see the difference between Batman & Robin and The Dark Knight. And the producer didn't make that difference. And I don't think Dan Stahl can either. He's more about ensuring the broad conditions for success and dealing with people and business strategies.
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09-21-2012, 07:29 PM
I'll add... Batman & Robin had:

The producer who gave us "The Dark Knight".
The writer who gave us "Fringe" and the screenplay for "A Beautiful Mind"
The cinematographer who gave us "Lethal Weapon," "The Prince of Tides," and "Charlie Wilson's War"
The composer for "Titus" and "Across the Universe"

Heck, it had a director who has been nominated for at least three Academy Awards but the director is what made the difference there.

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