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# 1 Op Asset Changes
09-20-2012, 11:34 AM
I like that how they have become affordable so you can have fun with them when you do fleet events where they are around or a little bit more fleet credits than you get for turning in the amount of marks you get for doing that so you can afford to use low tier ones each time or every other or so use some high tier ones thats the positive side I see on this.

The negative side is that I have to inject some common sense to this system of changes and for the life of me do not know why this was not done to projects but... the amount of provisions needs to be scaled to fleet size TBH. If per say a fleet was only made up of 1-5 players ranging from casual to very active this would work. Although the fleets going past tier 1 are usually made of large fleets counting in the 200-500 player range. So say most of a fleet because they share common interests and gaming styles would want to do a specific category of op assets. So these 200 to 500 people are going to split 20 provisions 500 ways? Yeah you guys need to rethink and balance this out because its just going to cause some mayhem.

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