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To all it may concern, which is all or us because the above mentioned pets are part of the game, please read my idea and post your feedback.

Does it seem strange to you that Klingons would have access to tribbles, but not targs? It does to me. Why would a Klingon get, let alone want, an IDIC tribble? Each of the pets in this game are associated with a race or faction. Tribbles with Feds, targs with Klingons, Sehlats with Romulans (i guess). It also seems strange that a race who's empire has outlawed tribbles would have science officers conducting tribble research projects, when they should be breeding the better targ.

What i want to see is:


Keep the current tribble system
Keep the current Horta


Able to research and develop targs from the primitive state to an advanced combat pet as a device tray item.

Romulan NPC Faction

Gets a Sehlat pet. Can be obtained by other factions as a combat pet device.
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09-20-2012, 02:05 PM
Actually, sehlats are from Vulcan, so... stands to reason that they are available to Fed. Not that they shouldn't also be available to Romulans whenever that faction is available.

I agree that Klingons should be able to breed targs.

Unfortunately, though the Devs have agreed that would be a neat feature to have, I don't believe it's high on their priority list and I'm not sure whether it will ever happen.

Targ combat pets would also be nice to have. I'm hoping that when kits are revamped, they include a Targ Handler power. Or that they will allow combat targs some other way.
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