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I have had the Fleet Advanced shield for a few weeks now and love it. But, after Thursdays patch, something happened to it.

I went into an stf, and since I've been flying this ship for 6 weeks, I know what it can do. During the stf, it started to show me it's not right. I took the ship into a pvp with two fleet mates, and they proceeded to shoot at me, and I'm using Transfer Shield Strength 1 and Emergency Power to Shields 2 and normally I can keep the shields up and take a lot of damage. Yesterday, I was being shot from the left side, and all four sides were dropping. ???

Either the Regeneration on the Odyssey is not working with these two items, because I put the Maco XII on and it worked as a normal shield works. Now how do you say that it was an odyssey only problem? Glad you asked. I hopped into another ship with the same shield on it and it worked fine, as it should.

Can someone in the know check it out, and also I had another person try it and the same shield on the odyssey is still not quite right.

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