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Thought to be an open PVP space between the Federation and Klingon space, as a zone between Romulans and Klingons,plus Romulans and Federation.

these sectors should be occupied by neutral planets and star bases, takes a fraction a planet or starbase
this could be considered automatic defense systems to create, you should have there access to bank traders and swap meet.
All objects should be captured in orbit first and then on the ground, with only the ground game should give the rash,
the conquest I imagine the sense of "capture the flag" before, or through a console must be programed, the ground combat
should come on top, of that the away team, so beautiful battles would occur.
I think one would go to the ground, step inside in space and on the ground, one is outside set combat ,-and hurries no ally within 10 minutes cause then one dies of heart failure, or should make a warp core breach, in both a Cooldown of 24 hours , which prevents the open joining PVP sector.

This would prevent senseless battles and established a balance of powers, the decay time should be character Cross.

I hope you like our idea.

mfg Legio Germania.

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