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so in addition to KA

earlier ran infected ground..normal...and the borg in the boss room were at a respawn rate that was almost double.

The team i was in normally runs elites with decked out prob...but we just leveled new toons. New toons but respectable equipment and standard ground pounder builds (i.e. two sci with borg medical kits)...

Long story short...we've ran enough to know it was more difficult than it should be...and it was because they kept respawning... one moment your fighting one borg the next

nothing like taking 4 flank attacks while trying to hit up the boss ;(
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# 2 yeah
09-22-2012, 03:49 AM
This has been happening on infected for awhile. Respawning and letting map completely reset usually fixes it.
Seen the KA ground bug too.

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