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09-23-2012, 06:30 AM
Originally Posted by fangwolf1 View Post
here is my current build and skills it works but I am thinking about replacing that engine with a MACO one...
Nope, your current engine is better. Plus, with engines and console you get hull regenerator set bonus.

2 Disruptor Beam Array Mk XII [Acc][CrtH][Borg]
1 Disruptor Dual Cannons MK XII [Acc][CrtH][Borg]
Put Dual Heavy Cannons instead.

2 Ablative Hull Armor Mk XI [Rare][+26.2 Phaser, Disruptor, Plasma, Tetryon Damage Resistance]
1 Tetraburnium Hull Armor Mk XI [Very Rare] [+28.1 Plasma, Tetryon, Polaron,
Aniproton Damage Resistance
Engineering consoles do not stack for 100%, so your second Ablative console has little effect. Put Monotanium console for kinetic resistance instead.
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09-23-2012, 07:31 AM
Originally Posted by taut0u View Post
Nope, your current engine is better. Plus, with engines and console you get hull regenerator set bonus.

Put Dual Heavy Cannons instead.

Engineering consoles do not stack for 100%, so your second Ablative console has little effect. Put Monotanium console for kinetic resistance instead.
alright I also upgraded the other two armor's to another level as its like 8M to get a 2 point increase
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09-23-2012, 11:30 AM

Ill post what I can here, but unfortunately there is already so much bad information on this thread that might throw you off. If you really want good build help from people who know the game, post in the PvP forums.

Some people have already made theses suggestions, but Ill say them as well.
For Survivability, Borg Engine, deflector and console with the Maco shield. Have 2 or 3 shield distribution doffs and 2 Lab development doffs.

You arent going to be the biggest damage dealer. But your advantage as a carrier is being able to heal, use high level science abilities and deal moderate damage too. This differs from a science vessel which is mainly for the high level sci abilities, and a cruiser which is mainly for sustained damage and heals.

Your damage will be coming from your pets. You can help them out by using Tetryon or phased tetryon damage. I would go with 6 beams and fly it like a cruiser. Do not put (dual/dual heavy) cannons on this. Sure it has the capacity for them, but with the horrendous turn rate and only 1 tactical Boff, you arent going to get much out of them. For the same reason, viral matrix and other directional abilities will be harder to use. I use Scramble III on my atrox because it is omni directional. By specializing into Countermeasures, you can get over 20 seconds of "confuse".

This is good in PvE if you hit a mob, they start attacking eachother. And great in PvP for pets, and also people. If the your target doesnt target the person he wants to heal, he might end up healing you! If the other team has dirty pets like Danube or Power Siphons, throw them a scramble and see if they like their own medicine. It also keeps you from sinking to their level and using those pets yourself.

With your inherent Eng abilities, plus Brace for Impact, plus the EPtS cycle going and the Borg procs, you should have more than enough heals for yourself and be able to share the global science team, 2x TSS and the hull heals. No need for RSP. You should have no problem getting 500k to 1mill healing per match and 200k damage.

Being a carrier in a Cap and Hold is awesome. Ive gotten so many kills from pets doing their thing 30km away and Im just sitting there capping a point. I didnt even see the other guy haha.

You will be keeping a high Aux setting most of the time unless its PvE, go max weapons.

As people have mentioned, keep the spec at mostly 6s. But for the lower tier skills, you can go with 9s.

Heres an example.

Ill explain the Boff layout.
-2x tractor beams for control (and with the tractor doff, extra shield drain)
-Scramble III for reasons above.
-2x Transfer Shield III for heals. These can make someone feel invincible at high Aux. Unlike a cruiser running Extends, TSS cant be knocked off by a shockwave and can also be used for yourself.
-Hazards, Aux to Sif, Sci-Team for general heals. Remember to get two Lab Development doffs for a global cooldown (15 sec) Science team. This allows you you spot heal shields or clear science debuffs like Sub nuke or scramble.
-2x EPtS, rotating these is standard
-Tac Team, all ships should have at least one copy to counter alpha strikes
-Beta to help with damage

I use Advanced Peregrines and Stalkers myself. The stalkers are there to drain aux and the peregrines for general damage. Play around with pets to see what you like.

Hope that helps. And like I said, if you want real build help, go to the PvP forums.
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This is a recent build of mine, which I am starting to like for my scitoon.

Keep in mind that The Atrox is a sci-ship carrier, that was designed for stand off battles. You support others in fleet actions, providing heals and a fair amount of damage through your pets. Beams arrays are usual for stand-off battles, but at the end of the day, they really don't deliver enough damage.

A recent console addition - subspace jump - adds a new level of fun and changes the value of the Atrox.

  1. Use a pair of dual heavy cannons on the front, + 1 torpedo (quantum is my choice).
  2. Three turrets at the back.
  3. build out the bonuses for your energy type.
  4. Add the subspace jump console

In my case I went with tetryon (or phased tetryon where possible). As the atrox is a pig, I embrace it's slowness, rather than devoting anything to improve the turns. The subspace console is my back-door denouement.

Combat is usually like this:
  1. at 20KM set fighters for intercept. launch all wings.
  2. at 15km slow my approach so that I can stop just outside thier weapons range.
  3. set fighters to attack as I pass into 10km range
  4. open fire with my main guns. (Rapid fire is a bonus here). The tetryon weapons shred his shields. Sci defbuffs cut through his protection.
  5. Use tachyon beam to drain shields, or tractor beam on smaller targets to add structural damage.
  6. The fighters begin thier runs. smile as you watch 12 small quantum torpedos do thier nasty work. Usually the target will reciprocate against your pets, not you.
  7. Continue the frontal assault with the Atrox. In the case of smaller targets, close the distance. Spheres & higher, slow to a near stop.
  8. Heal & support your team mates, over and over.
  9. when your target is at 50% or less, use the subspace jump to move within 3km behind him. Unload into his tush.

The multiple sci-skills add variation to the same basic plan.

The Atrox is not escort - you can't get wet & dirty. You can still deal significant damage AND support your team if you leverage it's strengths and weaknesses.

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10-13-2012, 01:27 PM
Well, if your not using at least one beam for the innate target subsystems, you are wasting them. At least put a DBB in place of one of the DHCs if you must.

I find in a slow moving carrier, you do more damage with single cannons or beams then with duals. You simply can't keep the target in your sights long enough for it to be worth it. Of course if you are only running STFs with slow borg that you can anticipate their spawn points and be ready for them every time... yeah then it can work, but general purpose, those DHCs are going to be a liability.

I finally decided just to run 6x beams and let my perigrines handle the damage. a 6 beam broadside with 12 fighters is enough dps for me. I run heavy sci with aux maxed so cannons would be a waste due to power drain. I do consider torps now and again, and swap my APD1 for a TS2. I tend to hover near 84 weapon power due to cyclying EP:W2 and my MACO shield. I wonder if putting a torp fore and aft would be worth the loss of 2 beams due to power drain. I'd lose APD tho.

Edit: While I'm here, what I'm running.

6xPolaron beams
MACO defector and shields
Borg engine

tac: TT1, APD1
eng: EPS1, EPW2, Aux2SIF2
sci: Tractor Beam1, Scramble Sensors1, Tyken's Rift 2+3
Polarize Hull1, HE2, TSS3

Doffs: Gravemetric Scientist:Tyken's Rift(chance to spawn aftershocks), 2xDamage Control Engineers(reduce cooldown on Emergenct power abilities), Conn Officer(reduce cooldown on Tac Team), Flight Deck Officer(switch out as I please, typically +25% accuracy in intercept mode)

I'm skilled into Flow Capacitors, else I'd chose grav wells and either phasers or anti proton.
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