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I don't know if this is a bug or I'm doing something wrong but I need help please. On the mini mission list in the upper right part of the screen that lists many of your outstanding In Progress missions (Mission Tracker) I have a problem. Unless I set a mission as my Primary, every other mission listed is, "New Officer, Hail Starfleet to Report". I have 19, yes I know, of these unresolved New Officer missions but I don't want to use them yet as my current BOFFs are serving me well; I want to be prepared to change boffs if need be without spending my last EC on the Exchange so I hold them in stasis.

So here's my problem, I want to include (other than my primary) Episode missions in the list. The reason why is that a transwarp button appears next to the Episode mission allowing me instantaneous transport to another area of the galaxy map which is helpful for the Tour or if I'm just being lazy. But those New Officer missions just get in the way! I can initially set up the mini list with Episode missions with their associated transwarp button, but as soon as I use one they (the non-Primary ones) disappear only to be replaced by those darn New Officer missions again.

Is there an option setting, some trick with the New Officer missions, or anything I can do to fix this? I know others in the game don't have this problem so I'm hoping the STO brain trust can help me out.

Many thanks!

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The New Officers aren't anything special, spectacular, or even remotely good. At best they're green quality. Just complete the missions. They will stay in Candidate form on your roster, ready to be traded or commissioned as needed.

If you want to get good Bridge Officers, then focus on your DOff assignments. At rank 4 you will be able receive assignments to evaluate Bridge Officer Candidates. You will usually receive Rare or Very Rare quality bridge officers from those.

In a little under a week I managed to acquire an excess of V.Rare quality bridge officers this way. Gave them all away to my fleetmates.
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I'll put up a minor correction to the above. You don't need to have Rank 4 in any Commendation category to start seeing the Evaluate [Species] [Branch] Bridge Officer Applicant missions. They start to appear in your Duty Officer mission listings as of Lieutenant Level 8, and are 2 days long. Admittedly, your chance of getting a Very Rare candidate depends on exactly what quality of Duty Officers (and their traits) you can throw into the mission, but once you have a couple of blue DOffs of the appropriate branches, you'll start seeing the purple BOffs flowing towards you relatively quickly.

I think I saw my first when I was a Captain. Now, my entire bridge is filled with purples.

Also, too. You don't have to actually go to ESD to finish those missions. Take a few minutes wherever you are and clear them off your log. You don't have to use them. You don't have to even keep them on board. If they have useful skills, keep them around as candidates and let them train your future bridge crew.
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just to point out: each levels BO award is set, meaning just cause you dont open them until level 50 doesnt mean they will all be purple quality at that level. so theres no reason to "hold onto them"

only the last 2-3 are purple quality.
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Allow me make a minor correction to my previous post.

At rank 4, you get special Commendation assignments to gain Bridge Officers. These assignments require about 1,000 EC and no duty officers, and the bridge officers you will receive come in only two colors: Blue and Purple.

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