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09-23-2012, 08:42 AM
The build sounds interesting but I had a recent bad experience with a similar setup.

I used phaser weapons to double the DEM3's bonus and cycled EPTW1 and EPTS3 with 2xTT1 and CRF1. The Omega deflector and engine was on there for tetryon glider and the damage bonuses provided by the deflector. It took the opposing team all of 30 seconds to avoid my front half and just focus on my back 90 where the 4 turrets couldn't even scratch their shields.

So far the best "spike" damage build I've seen in action is a buddies tac captain in his Regent. He uses a 4 beam+ 2 cannon broadside (phaser[accx2] or antiproton[borg] depending on conditions) the regent torpedo in the front and a quantum in the back, all set to autofire with PW Doffs. He cycles EPTW1, EPTS2, TT1 and T:spread 3 to T:Spread 2 for an impressive amount of down stream torpedoes and survivability. He also spams his tractor beam 1 to keep ships in his "sweet spot". Attack Pattern Alpha and T:spread 3 are absolute havoc on a carrier's pets, he'll generally wipe out most of the opposing teams carrier pets and fleet support ships in one cycle of T:spread 3 and T:spread 2.

The last I talked to him he was using a MACO shield and 3 peice borg but was considering switching over to the Jem'hadar deflector and engine for the bonus weapon power and polaron weapons or the Omega deflector and engine for tetryon glider.

Sorry if all that was off topic.
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# 22
09-23-2012, 12:57 PM
Originally Posted by darkfader1988 View Post
Finally! some talks about dedicated spike damage per second cruisers i just got killed by one ;O ummmmmmm

Whats so hard that it needs a whole tutorial?

8x Beams
Eptsx2, EptWx2, FaWx2/BOx2

Full weapons power.

Rotate your cruiser for broadsiding.

Put your weapons on autofire.


Or ... am i missing something? Yes please put the Tac captain in a Star Cruiser.

Really tho you can never do damage close to a Tac escort, Not sure what Tac escorts you compared it with...
Ah yeh, the DEM and other hull bleed effects, that can still get yourself close to a good escorts 'damage' in the scoreboard, but practically there is a huge difference never the less. Lots of 'fake' dmg as we call it.

I can only shake my head and smile when I see someone of such ability and talent prefer to troll the same old "please put a tac in a star cruiser lulz" line. Or is it "River coil" these days? I'm not really going to go back and forth in some pointless ego match, about how great this build is and whether it's the end all be all. All builds have strengths and weaknesses. You'll either like this and tweak it, or you'll troll it.

Perhaps you might consider putting out your own build? Since you asked, I compare my performance, kills to damage, to escorts such as those in Nova Core, S.O.B., 528th, -Apocalypse-, and other long term PvPers.

Good works stand on their own merit. Where are yours?
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# 23
09-23-2012, 01:28 PM
Originally Posted by orondis View Post
I've tried a similar set up in the past repeatedly and while I've found it moderately successful, a few problems show up.

1 - The more maneuverable escorts will just get behind you, especially when it's a ship like the Odyssey. Also to keep something in your arc will generally mean slowing down, which can be deadly for a tac cruiser.

Maneuverability is always an issue with any Federation Cruiser, even the Excelsior is susceptible to being chased down. Yet there is a wide variety of tricks and tactics to shake off an escort (some better than others)

2 - Put a tractor beam on a tac cruiser and it becomes a sitting duck that's easier to blow away then most escorts. Seriously an escorts survivability is much higher if it has 2x APO.

3 - The biggest flaw with a cannon build I've found is the Borg set and shield doff procs. Cannons set them off like crazy.

More often than not, I've found that even if the Borg Proc activates the shear amount of damage applied to target overwhelms them.

4 - The build is cannon fodder for bugs.

While the bug is formidable, I'd have to disagree, When it comes to bugs, fleet defiant, patrol escorts, I'll say that I've had great success popping them. However it's more often about who's flying the ship. Most of the time they disengage and come back around a minute or two later.

5 - The aux2bat cooldown ability is great, but you have to remember to keep on hitting it at every available chance otherwise it becomes a liability. This also causes a slight problem due to the aux power drain, which can only be countered by an aux battery every so often.

Very true. To mitigate this I rotate aux2bat with my emergency shields so that I never have to remember to push the button. RMC, Aux, Bat, and team batteries are some of the tricks I use to work around the drain.

Basically if the other team was made up of anything but escorts (or their escorts are poor), then yes this is a great build.

Now yes this wouldn't be a problem as part of a premade, but then nor would flying a tier 3 ship.

On your actual set up.

1 - I'd get rid of EWP1. Unless your build has the immobilize doff or the target is a newbie it'll have little effect. Eng/Cruisers don't rely that much on maneuverability and the majority of escorts have at least one APO.

Yes I've debated with myself a bit on EWP1. While the DoT is very nice, I think that it would be better to run Theta Radiation (removing an EPS console), and switching it for either extends 2 or EptS 3.

2 - FBP1 only does anything noticeable when buffed by tac powers so it's a waste, much better to use TSS2.

I was very much in this line of thought for a long time. I found that as one approaches the Shield Damage Resist cap, the less effective abilities like TSS2 become. It's a great shield heal, and team skill but for the damage resist it grants your shields after rotating EptS 3, 125 shield power etc. I found myself getting returns of less than +5% SDR. Feedback pulse in an Aux2Bat build has great uptime, and direct hull damage no matter what position your target is firing on you from. Granted I'm still working the timing of it out.

3 - Unless you're going to have crf on a cycle, it's not really worth taking cannons. Much better with an Excelsior or Regent.

Using CRF on cycle. Totally. Wouldn't ever suggest otherwise. Aux2bat to the rescue. Chevron Separated the Odyssey performs better than expected.

4 - No reason to have an EPS flow regulator unless you're thinking about quickly switching power settings.
replies in green, your insights are appreciated!
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# 24 Testing
09-23-2012, 01:50 PM
Alright, After 4 hours of Pug FvK, FvF matches and some note taking I have the following observations.

Tac buffed TBR2 will grant about a 2k in damage per pulse with 5aux. 20k total to 3 targets if you keep them all in the same place. Engine power drain doff doesn't seem to be all that great when combined with it. TBR is a good synergy with Aux2Batt for DPS application.

EptS3 cycling. With one copy and how cryptic worked their cooldown timers, it still results in a 4-5 second gap when you have no resist. This was tested by triggering EptS3 and then immediately tripping aux2bat as it became available. I did this for 5 minutes straight.

By rotating EptS1 and EptS3 you have a 1 second gap. Granted your resist isn't as high and your aux to bat will proc less. I am leaning toward this design since it affords better survival.

Especially with TT rotating. I REALLY do enjoy ET and ST. However I think part of my success with this has to be from rotating 2x TT. So many skilled players have observed jumping on the aft end of a DPS Odyssey is a death sentence but I find myself wandering all over space, seldom worried.

Tractor Beam: With Graviton Pulse, Theta, EWP, and more I'd have to say that I'd prefer those abilities to TB. Better to throw on a ST (for when you've been subnuked).

Will put out a modified build in the next day or two.
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# 25
09-29-2012, 04:37 PM
Finalized "basic build" Even with the bugs in DEM and CRF/CSV this build will still produce results.
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# 26
09-29-2012, 05:03 PM
Saving for my fin Tac build. (for what it may be worth)
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# 27
09-29-2012, 10:49 PM
Originally Posted by ocp001 View Post
Finalized "basic build" Even with the bugs in DEM and CRF/CSV this build will still produce results.
currently DEM stops doing extra damage wile CRF/CSV/FAW is on, keep that in mind
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# 28
09-29-2012, 11:05 PM
Oh dear god. weddings are so so OP.

BTW, never hook up with someone at a wedding. Especially if her boyfriend is in the next room.
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# 29
09-29-2012, 11:32 PM
Originally Posted by ghostyandfrosty View Post
Oh dear god. weddings are so so OP.

BTW, never hook up with someone at a wedding. Especially if her boyfriend is in the next room.
sounds like my kind of wedding! all the ones ive been to all the chicks are ether JB, grannies, or toooo religious.

so, playa vs playa?
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# 30
09-30-2012, 05:54 AM

How do you get DEM3 as a Tac cpt?

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