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# 1 21st Fleet (RP community)
07-27-2014, 08:24 AM
Established: Stardate 88330.84 (09/22/2010 IRL)

21st Fleet is one of the UFP fleets, and also a community of trekkers who play moderate RP (or middle-RP). That means nobody will be forcing you to speak Vulcan but we also doean't accept illogical or non-authentic character names.
We honor elegant and smart playstyle in the context of roleplaying. For the members of community, roleplay is the matter of preserving unique feel of Star Trek, and also an opportunity for self-expression through the personality of the character.
Basically, we are fleet-based RP. We accept acting commanders of all specialisations. Creativity of potential candidate overweighs his/her ingame rank and abilities.
Though we are fleet-based RP, we also accept parties that represent ship-based RP.

We also accept casual/NRP players who is willing to enjoy the game in friendly and safe environment.
Our fleet has tier 3 base. Therefore, we have strong connections within the allied fleet that helps us to get high-end gear. At least one of our FDC officers is available every day on Vent at approximately 12 a.m. GMT to get your character invited to the allied fleet's map or to transfer your character back and forth between the fleets.

Established as a first (and only) fleet for Russian-speaking roleplayers, recently we made decision to open our ranks for English-speaking players.

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08-19-2014, 10:49 AM
Bad news ladies and gentlemen.
Our co-founder @Delion went insane, and opposed self-proclaimed ideals to the expertise of 5 other fleet members (3 of them active).
First, he has wiped out our RP section of forum. All character backgrounds, ship and personal logs have been lost.
After being faced with accusations on destroying other's intellectual property, he had hacked his administrative account, re-enabled it and wiped out the rest of the boards.
He had also sabotaged the voice chat.

The details on official 21st Fleet RP community forums will be provided as soon as either we bring the database from backup copy on another host or set up the whole new forums.
Lots of work with the filesystem need to be done.

So far, this thread stays the only official recruiting resource for the 21st Fleet RP Community.
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Today, 04:06 AM
New voice chat has been set up via RaidCall http://www.raidcall.com , channel ID 6262919.

Boards' backup copy is on its way. Slooooooooowly.

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