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I like being awarded a new ship with a stronger hull and more console/weapons slots...

... but the choice I have is either very small or I can't have the same ship again.

To put it simply - I want to keep my same style ship - but I can't because it isn't as strong or powerful as the new choices I've been awarded.

I am right now a level 24 Commander.

I currently have the research science vessel, you know the one with various spherical saucer styles?

Now... I can get this ship again when I reach level 50 Vice Admiral but a) that's ages away and b) it says I will also require fleet modules and stuff to use it!

I know I can use my skill points to increase my hull repair rate and things... but there seems no way to actually increase your current ship's hull strength or the number of weapons/device slots.


Please can STO make it a feature whereby when you get promoted and offered a free new ship, to have the choice of a brand new stronger more powerful ship - or to have your current ship upgraded with more weapons/device slots and a stronger hull.

I really like my current ship and find it very annoying that I can't continue to use it as I progress through the game.

Please let me know if you might implement this suggestion.

Finally, please forgive me if I have overlooked an already existing feature that might offer a similar solution. I am not aware of any alternative solution to my... erm... "dilemma".

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11-21-2012, 01:02 PM
People were asking for this ability for a long time, and the result was the Level 50 Fleet Retrofits. Thats as good as we're probably ever going go get, but honestly as you learn more tricks you'll really want to enhance your setup as you get ships with more officer slots. That said, 1 you'd be surprised how soon you're going to hit 50, and 2 once you get there you can buy the Fleet Ship Modules off the Exchange for like 5 million each (not as daunting as it first sounds actually) and not have to spend Zen if you don't want to.

Also, one thing to take advantage of now while you can, is to buy a Mirror Universe Recon Science Vessel or a Mirror Universe Deep Space Science Vessel of the Exchange while they're still in production and insanely cheap. That way when you hit 40 you'll have either science ship ready to use, and be able to spend your free token on a cruiser or escort and be able to switch depending on your mood.
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11-21-2012, 01:10 PM
it is really not ages away...more like 2 weekends playtime. Looks is not everything anyway. Do not gimp yourself just because of looks.
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11-21-2012, 01:20 PM
It is true I made level 24 Commander in about 1 week or maybe 10 days. But I find it hard to expect level 50 to come just around the corner.

Or maybe then it will.

Thanks for your views - I will see if I can get myself to level 50 sooner than later.

But you see why there are different ships - because people like choice - choice makes money etc - this is Star Trek, the freedom of tomorrow - not the compulsory school uniform of today.

If you see what I mean.... I LOVE this ship - I've played around with those 3 choices to mix and match for hours - lol - it's great fun.

Oh ps reginamala78 - thanks for the tip.
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11-21-2012, 01:27 PM
Dude, if you can survive staring at that golf ball, eyeball, etc., then you can make it to 50. I congratulate you on your unique sense of style. (Maybe a lot of people like it, I don't know, but I certainly think it looks odd...)

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