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# 1 Happy 25th, Next Generation!
09-28-2012, 07:52 PM
As you may have heard, "Encounter At Farpoint" first aired 25 years ago tonight, launching the TV series that would not only redefine the legacy of the Star Trek franchise itself, but also set in motion a gradual, but massive transformation of pop culture that continues to this day.

Of course, without ST:TNG there would likely be no STO, and certainly not STO as we know it. On the other hand, it's a good thing the TV series wasn't like the game...

Worf (reporting from tactical): "The Cardassian ship has been destroyed, sir."
Picard: "Stand down from Red Alert. Mr. Data, begin scanning the debris."
Data (observing his console): "Sensors indicate a Starfleet-issue shield battery and a Mark Ten phaser beam array. Both appear to be completely intact and ready for immediate installation aboard the Enterprise."
Riker: "How did the Cardassians get ahold of Starfleet ship components, and how could they have survived the ship's destruction completely intact?"
Data: "Unknown, Commander. There appears to be one other object among the wreckage, but I am unable to identify it."
Picard: "On screen."

On the Enterprise viewscreen, a tiny, rectangular object can be seen floating among the debris.

Picard: "Magnify and enhance."

Data does so, and the object is resolved into a Cardassian Lock Box.

Picard (pounding the arm of his chair): "Dammit, not another one!"
Worf: "There are no master keys currently in ship's inventory, Captain. We will have to purchase more of them in order to get to the box's contents."
Riker (exasperated): "I guess the Cardassians never got the memo that the Federation doesn't even use real money."

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