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Originally Posted by jacenjacen24 View Post
I think he meant blockade. The fleet event.

I think he means that because with only 2 tac boff spots you prolly wont have scatter volley or torp spread meaning the dread with cannons is shootin at one ahip at a time.

I think he means in pvp the dread is susceptible to the debuffs of system disable and holds and such.
****edited cause i cant spell lol***
if it is true what you interpret into his statement, then he is completely wrong. If the dread is only single target, how is it good in starbase blockade? And what keeps me from using rapid fire and THY on the armitage to only do single target dmg?
and he wrote the armitage would be susceptible to debuffs, not the dreadnought. which makes no sense for both ships anyway.

so interpreting the statement as you did, and i appreciate that help, it makes even less sense.
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Armitage or Dread? Pssh, that's an easy one.

Armitage will always, and I say again, ALWAYS be able to out-dps the dreadnaught. It has a hangar which gives it either constant dps pressure and cc depending on your pets, OR constant defense against fighters and heavy torps (and it comes with a console to add to that). The armitage is also very VERY flexible with builds. You can run the standard cannon turrets, or you can make it into a torpedo bombardment boat. I have a member of my fleet who took his armitage, gave it 5 purple proj weaps DOff, and then put all rapid reload transphasics on it's front. I watch his ship in STFs and PvP, and all I see is this constant stream of yellow going towards some poor target. On the flip side, you can make it into a NASTY cannon boat with the torp defense console for added DPS or defense. And lastly, if you MUST... you can make a rather evil DBBscort. Basically the armitage is a quick maneuverable ship that does well in most situations. Very few cons, a multitude of pros.

The Dreadnaught. The fed ship surrounded by the most controversy IMO. It's one of those love it or hate it ships. Let's start with it's strengths. For starters, it's got a cloak. That is decent, if not situational as hell. Then it's got that spinal lance. That's a ruin someone's day/make someone's day item (ruin if you hit em, make if you miss and they get a good laugh). Another pro is that it's tanky. Quite tanky. Decent hp, and lots of engi console slots, which means neutronium. However after that, the dread kinda drops off, since it's basically a slow tanky notexactlysurehowtoclassify ship. And it's a cruiser. That's the biggest difference between it and the armitage. It also has a lower DPS potential than the armitage, but higher survivability rating against burst attacks, since it can absorb more damage (significantly more). It has more shields and more hp, but suffers from weaker tac BOff slots, and a much MUCH weaker turn rate.

So it's users choice. The Armitage is basically a slightly slower and tankier escort with a hangar and a nice PD console, and the Dreadnaught is a cruiser with sharper teeth and a cloak. Pick your poison my friend.
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As everyone before me has said Armitage or Dread?

Armitage, out preforms the dread in every way. I love the dread, love the look of the dread. Fly the dread every three days, hoping and praying it will suddenly become the fearsome ship it should be,but....

The Armitage is a superior ship in nearly every away. I could state the reasons why, but just search for the name. it speaks for itself..

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If you have a team that works together well and you can sit in their pocket and focus fire, the Gal-X can be a good choice. That being said, not too many Fed players are good and patient with formation flying/fighting.

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