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# 1 Ground Elite STFs
09-23-2012, 06:51 PM
Ground STFs. Those final bosses lol... Tanky, and they hurt. Gotta love it.

Has anyone noticed that the borg seem to have armored shields? You only deal maybe 30% damage to shields, maybe 50% max. That's annoying on normal. On elite when you're only doing maybe 40 damage to 200 shields and they can blast you away in 3 hits... now that's fun XD.

But I think my main issue here are the bosses. Arnek and Manus in particular. Tosk is a pushover, since you can kill him pretty easily. But Arnek can one shot you. Yes, ONE shot you. Add on his ludicrous tankiness, and life is fun... And as for Manus... she flies. And she has an arc attack. Add on 4k of ARMORED shields, and 13k hp, and I feel I must ask, is there any really EASY way to beat them? I mean I have beaten both on elite, but it's never easy, and unless you have a good team, you can't really do it.

Anyone have any comments on this?
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09-23-2012, 08:31 PM
That's true, they do tend to have these very tough shields to get through, then the heaps and tons of health after that. I'd say Becky is harder though than Armek though, because of her floatiness and chain lightning attack.

Here's how each of them are hard:


Chain lightning
Butt-loads of shields and health
All the respawning tac drones shooting at you on top of that.
Falling into the goop.


The spinning attack
One-shotting you
All those spamming Orbital Strikes.


His drone buddies
The mind attack he does (and that's about it)

Makes me shudder though what the Queen is gonna be like.

For beating Becky, my fleet generally stays in the last corner that we cleared, semi-spread out, and shoot at her, healing each other and getting shot at by as few Borg as possible.

Armek, we either all stay right up close the whole time, or stay back for his first part and snipe away his shields, then move up close and blast him a lot.
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