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09-23-2012, 11:17 PM
Having really enjoyed this game since I started playing it. I have had a few ideas for the PvP mode & would like to add them.

I was reading up on this & you gotta give it to Gozer as he has done a good solo job.
But there are some fundamentals missing that if you look at other successful PvP games STO is surprizingly missing.

Restricted PvP Games
The No1 reason I feel for the lack of demand. Is waiting till there is a minimum number of players before allowing a game to start. Personally I have qued many times & then find I cannot do anything else in case a game starts half way through whatever I may be doing.

So when I want to play PvP I literally can do nothing else other than chat or other stuff, but not what I want to do which is PvP. So it leaves PvP on the backburner when im playing.

What is needed is to take a leaf out of an existing book. I would point you to the battlefield 1942 demo. Which today is still MORE popular than the actual game itself! And it's servers always chock-a block with players.

What I find most amazing is that STO already has what is needed to acheive all this! In fact as in nature, the players seem to have found a way to meet their PvP needs.

I have seen fleets parked in Kerrat for PvP (and have gone there myself to hunt)
And there is also Ortha. But these areas are not designated PvP zones and so most of the time the players there are polite to each other and dont want to mess up anyones game.

So what I suggest is an update to the PvP module in the game.
We could have a kicking join and play system like any other shooting game!

Through the PvP ques it would just be like joining an existing PvE.
And i do think that the current attitude towards balancing the teams does comprimise the freedom & needs of the players. But if you must, then the addition of bot's when needed would at least help to even things up.

I once defended the entire flag on my own against 2 tiger tanks and a whole load of infantry on BF1942. And all I used was landmines and a shotgun!
So please let us, the players, be the ones to decide when we want to play!

But I was also thinking of all the work you guys have put in for the fleets system. (seems a shame to not actually use the starbases for anything more than what we have now)

I suggest putting in a new solar system in the neutral zone.
(And a new item to the PvP ques)


*The system will have a planet
A Ortha like map, but with a full functional base with advanced facilities that can be used by the owners. With defenses, elite stores, entertainment. And Like the deferi invastion zone you can have some Borg/Tholians/Wild Animals in case anyone wants a taste of PvE.

It will have a civillian area, wilderness/desert/millitary base (just like defra). The main idea is to have the PvP, PvE & RPG elements available in the same instance.

Once you capture the planets surface you may use all of these facilities & so may any captain from your faction.

*The system will have a Starbase!
A starbase just like the fleet starbases, but fully upgraded apart from it's defenses.
This will be the must have for any fleet as they could get ships & equiptment that is more advanced than from their own Starbases.

This is key, as well as having a new jump in PvP module using all existing PvP maps. You could have this new solar system attack selection on PvP ques. Fleets can join & launch an attack on the space map for the solar system. We could then have a general distress signal go out to all of the defending factions players who can choose to come aid in the defence or not. Just like the borg attacks today, but player triggered.

There will be a specific sequence to capturing both the Star base and the planets surface.
The surface of the planet will just be a capture the flag on a fleet/faction scale, something like 2 or 3 stages (take out some sheild generators, guns etc). Any defenders will have to stop them, both gets rewards for success.

The Starbase will require you knock down the sheilds long enough to beam aboard and assault it. Or fly right to the planet beam down & attack the surface! Again requireing a team to perform a number of tasks. You could setup defensive points throughout the level & the enemy forces must break through each line!

As an incentive to other fleets, you could add a non combat bonus (fleetmarks bonus etc) to whichever faction occupies the Starbase & Planet. You could also allow fleets to designate other fleets that can also share the facilities as to make alliances.

This could all be updated on the fleet screen in a kind of "Jake Sisco Galactic News". Showing who has attacked the system, which captains performed heroically etc..
and it would give fleets a reason and the ability wage War directly on each other!

It would be very interesting to develop. As it would provide many new PvP aspects to the game. This would make PvP more accessable. And something like an STF on drugs because your not against NPC's but other players!
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09-24-2012, 01:28 AM
Ultimate PVP, is that like Extreme Ironing for example?
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09-24-2012, 03:27 AM
It won't happen. Cryptic will not invest into PvP in foreseeable future, if at all.

Of course I may be wrong, but if I look behind then I think if anything happens to PvP it will something that screws it even more.
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09-24-2012, 08:24 AM
Let's hope the future Asian players raise a big stink and force PWI/Cryptic's hand.
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09-24-2012, 08:55 AM
Originally Posted by zarathos1978 View Post
It won't happen. Cryptic will not invest into PvP in foreseeable future, if at all.

Of course I may be wrong, but if I look behind then I think if anything happens to PvP it will something that screws it even more.
Check the state of the game article...

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