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09-27-2012, 08:44 AM
Originally Posted by yreodred View Post
The Nebula is NOT the Galaxy, it's the ugly little sister ship, which is more useful and in a certain way better than the Galaxy. If that's no sign of their refusal to TNG i don't know.
Besides the Nebula, they really seem not to like TNG very much.

- Galaxy Class the most teethless cruiser in the Game. (even the D'Kora, Galor and Excelsior class have more firepower in STO, althrough they are from the same time period or even older)
- TNG phaser pistols (The Cobra Phasers) are just Stun and wide beam, Compression phaser pistols have different design. (Phaser pistols are the only pistols featuring two completely different models)
- TNG (series) uniform is made very cheap, blurry and looks just bad.
- TNG (series) Combadge much too big, while the TNG movie/DS9/Voy Combadge is much smaller and looks better. (the funny thing is that there was a smaller version already in the game, but the devs removed it in favour of a much bigger one, lol)

OT: i think the saucer Seperation for the Galaxy -X is going to come somewhen in the Future. (I can't remember where i read it.)

Thank you for reading.
Just to remind you of what you said :

Originally Posted by yreodred View Post

We all know the devs just don't like the Galaxy Class or anything related to TNG.
Thank you for reading.
The Nebula IS related to TNG. The Nebula may be "ugly" to you, but some people think the Galaxy is ugly too. The Nebula serves its role (utilitarian/science vessel with moderate range), just as the Galaxy did (long range exploration and carried families on board and is self sustainable). The Galaxy in this game isn't a powerhouse, nor should be, but it is a real tough nut to crack. No matter the class I use, I really don't want to be shooting at a Galaxy1 v1 because it can keep itself in a fight longer than any other ship, except the Ody' , and if its setup for constant flow of damage, it can overcome most ships in the game with a good captain behind it.

At least you have better moments than the TOS Movie stuff:

No TOS Movie era hand weapons at all

The WOK uniforms can't have rank added to them. They also have some "fuzziness" to them as well.
(Btw the later seasons TNG uniforms look fine in this game, the earlier ones do look bad, but they looked bad in the show too, so at least there is symmetry)

One can make a Galaxies interior look like a Galaxy, cant do that with an Excel or any other TOS Movie era ship.

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