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Originally Posted by markhawkman View Post
There's one key flaw in your logic Mr. Kitten.

Time. Playtesting takes time. do you think that Cryptic really has enough playtesters that they can go through everything in the game for every WEEKLY patch? I don't.

You'd think that it'd be as simple as testing only what was updated, but.... some changes have what are called "ripple effects" that may not be predictable. Night of the comet is a good example. They added something seemingly minor to the map, they probably even playtested the mission. But on the live server, the comet now doesn't spawn peices reliably. what's the connection? I HAVE NO IDEA. I'm not sure the programmers do either. Computer programmers get paid big bucks because it's HARD.
There is one flaw in your logic, then.

If playtesting and programming are so hard, why release weekly patches? Just as an example, as buggy as WoW is, patches are tested for weeks before they go live. No game is ever perfect, not even WoW, when it hits the live audience, but some companies DO take the time and effort to get most of it right - especially the glaringly obvious stuff - before the worst critics get a hold of it. And believe me, the current patch WoW has now, underwent a lot of major testing and fixes. I was part of the beta when a lot of it was actually broke.

Of course, WoW is only one example, but it is as decent as any to make my point.

I am NOT demanding perfection or any standard that is impossible to maintain. But at least in WoW I am not constantly abandoning missions to come back to them on a daily basis because I get stuck in a wall.

p.s. it's not "Mr. Kitten" btw.

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