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# 1 Where is Thou Captain Bott At?
09-26-2012, 05:00 PM
Found her!

As I walk into the engine room ( with out my 1st officer and security team cause they seem to vanish =/ ), I look to my right and see her in the wall, fighting a Orion.

Took 2 goes at restarting the mission, before I manged to get a target lock on here and complete the mission. So yes, if you don't seek any help from a help ticket ( LOL! ) you can complete this mission if you just stuff around a bit. Like I had to do..........then again I always find a way around Cryptic shoddy programs.

Hey thar, Dev's.
Try using that thar keyboardy thingy, you knows thar purty thang with da purty pictures, thems called Letters that has thar dem doughnuty crumbys on it, ya'll! ( had to speak on their level, normal goes over their head. )
And that's a a paper weight. Use it sometime, it does do something..

Anyway, now to continue for the higher brow beings called " Players " that make this game function:

Captain Bott is there, Takes awhile buy you can get a target lock, just never move when you have it. Or you will lose her and have to restart.

I said it before and I'll say it to Dooms Day, ( December if I remember rightly ) Cryptic seriously doesn't give a fig, even when its a newbie mission, and for new customers too.

CBS, you want your money, right? Then give this game to someone who has the knowledge, passion and hope for this would be great game. Cause Perfect Fail and Cryptic sure don't.

P.S I'm a 700 day Vet. Also I apologize to the player base ( silver and gold ) for my little rant, I am sick to death and beyond on how PW/Cryptic treat you like ATM's and pitiful morons and ignore you like yesterdays leftover's when with out you, there clearly wouldn't be a game.

Your awesome in this dragons books =3

Peace be with you all.

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