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  • Updated the NPC pathing and spawning on several missions:
    • Stranded in Space: USS Azura
    • Barge of the Dead
    • Shrine of Kahless
    • Deep Space K-7
    • Gates of Gre'thor.
    • Starbase 157
    • Khitomer Accord Ground
    • The Kuvah'Magh
    • Tutorial: Vega Ground
    • Keep Your Enemies Closer
  • Resolved an issue where players would not immediately receive their Transwarp powers from gaining Diplomacy or Marauder levels.
  • Resolved an issue which prevented players that had not spent all of their skill points from receiving Diplomacy or Marauder transwarp abilities.
  • The Acid Horta Hatchling no longer thinks it's made of crystal.
  • Updated the comet in Night of the Comet so that all of the shards appear correctly.
  • Resolved an issue with Fleet Banks where occasionally silver players would have problems making energy credit deposits.


  • Increased the turn rate of the Aquarius by 1.
  • Increased the Turn rate of the Escort, Escort Refit, Escort Retrofit and Fleet Escort Retrofit by 1.
  • The Freighter can now choose S.S. registry Name prefix.
  • The Vulcan D'Kyr can now choose V.S.S. registry Name prefix and a VS registry Number prefix.
  • Added the Photonic Bridge Officer and DS9 Costume Pack to the Lobi Store inventory.
  • Fixed the display name on a couple of Polaron Dual Beam Banks that thought they were Neutrino Deflectors.

Known Issue:

  • The turn rate debuff applied by the Warp Theorist Duty Officers through Tachyon Beam lasts longer than it should.

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