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This is not a "bug" per se, but more like an unintended side-effect of a new feature.

The feature in question cleaned up the "Specialization" Duty Officer Filter to only show Officer types that you currently have in your roster.

The following describes the problem I encountered:
Today, I filtered my Duty Officer Roster to show only Diplomats on a KDF toon. Then I traded all of my Diplomats to another player. After completing the trade, I attempted to look at my Duty Officer Roster, and 0 (zero) Officers appeared. I quickly realized that I needed to un-check the Diplomat filter option, but I could no longer do that since I no longer had any Diplomats so "Diplomat" no longer shows up under the "Specialization" options. After experimenting, I found that the only way to show my entire roster was to check every single Filter option under "Specialization".

I tried the following to try to reset the Filter options:
1) Beamed out of the Academy to my ship --> Did not work
2) Beamed down to First City --> Did not work
3) Beamed back to Academy and changed instances --> Did not work
4) Logged out and logged back in --> Did not work
5) Finally, I got another player to temporarily trade me a Diplomat, after which I un-checked the Diplomat filter option and was finally able to see my entire roster again.

Possible solutions to implement:
1) Have the game perform a sanity check when a player loses or gets rid of a Duty Officer - to automatically un-check any filter options for the relevant Duty Officer types if the player no longer owns Duty Officers of those types.
2) Do not remove checked filter options from the "Specialization" options until they get un-checked.

I think having the "smart" filtering feature added to the "Specialization" options is very useful. However, this unintended side-effect detracts from the utility of the feature for me.
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10-02-2012, 06:07 AM
Found the DOff filter Reset button today by clicking the down arrow under "Filter:".

This button appears to work great at clearing Specialization options that I can no longer un-check.
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11-02-2012, 06:25 PM
I found, what I believe to be, a bug with the DOff filter "Reset" button.

Colonist and Prisoner DOffs have their own separate rosters under "Passengers" and "Brig", respectively. The "Roster" DOff roster usually does not show Colonists and Prisoners that you have, even when you select those options under the "Specialization" filter.

However, after hitting the "Reset" button, both Colonists and Prisoners appear under the "Roster" DOff roster. I looked through all of the available filter options, and I could not find a way to properly reset the "Roster" display list back to before I hit the "Reset" button. Also, enabling the checkboxes for Colonist and Prisoner under the "Specialization" filter, after using the "Reset" button, will show the Colonist and Prisoner DOffs. As indicated above, this behavior is different from before using the "Reset" button. Clicking the "Reset" button again does not reverse this behavior.

This leads me to assume that there is a hidden option to hide Colonists and Prisoners from the "Roster" DOff roster. By default, this option is enabled, and the "Reset" button is incorrectly disabling that option.

I have filed an in-game ticket (#1,416,706).
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11-03-2012, 10:39 AM
sounds linked to the bug i have.
despite having doffs that can do the assignments i want to put them on the filter comes up empty.

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