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I personally love the look of the Dyson-space-set. I think it's just a shame that the engine trails doesn?t have this brilliant blue tracks and the warp pylons aren?t blue like the obelisk carriers. The new Fed-Dyson-hybrid ship is not my style, but the skin of the Dyson-space-set does look amazing on some Fed ships.

So here's my question to the game developer: Could you change that, please?

To the community: Do you see this the same way? Then support this thread, please!

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02-02-2014, 06:43 AM
I love the look too. Got myself a Dyson BoP, and it just changes my perception of the ship. Not to mention my motivation to play it, as I wasn't really thrilled about Raiders in general. I have a Dyson Tac Escort too, and it's just as beautiful with the set.

Gotta love the new EV suits too. Same style, except on people.

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