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I love Star Trek Online and I love the Foundry, so much so that I had to start a podcast about it called PrimetimeUGC where we interview foundry authors and review their missions. Unfortunately, I'll never interview myself or review my own missions. So. here's a list for all that are so inclined to give them a playthrough. I hope you enjoy them.

Federation Missions:

Stand Alone:

Chronotons and Klingons - ST-HQFXXK5EY - Level 16+

To Free or Not to Free - ST-HUE24HEMP - Level 41+

Respect For Your Elders - ST-HB7T73XL4 - Level 31+

Happiness is a Warm Gorn - ST-HQ5T9WF8D - Level Any


Class Dismissed Part I - ST-HSZA4B4IB - Level 16+

" " Part II - ST-HUMA8LBGG - Level 31+

" " Part III - ST-HBSZ66V5C - Level 31+

For Every Action Part I - ST-HTZBMWIRJ - Level Any

" " " Part II - ST-HEMYTR26H - Level 31+

" " " Part III - ST-HFMCMXFAP - Level 31+


Risa War Dogs- CPFDaily 1 - ST-HORA4BN9R - Level Any

Parts 2&3 are in the works. It is a 3 part story. Each episode is @10 minutes.

Klingon Defense Force Missions:

Stand Alone:

General Rebellion (Past STO Spotlight Mission) - ST-HL29LN7JT - Level 16+

Thanks, in advance for trying any of these out. Have fun.

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