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# 1 Please FIX YOUR UI
10-10-2012, 08:44 AM
It is inexcusable that at this age of the game that my UI locks up because I am using keybinds.

I use keybinds that resemble:

1 "+power_exec Distribute_Shields$$+trayexecbytray 0 0$$+trayexecbytray 2 3$$+trayexecbytray 2 4"

When I hit my keys, often times a skill greys out... never activates... and it just sits there greyed out until I right and left click that skill and then it fires, giving me a false cooldown... What gives? I might as well just click every skill then.

Other times, my tractor beam, which uses a similar keybind, is irrecoverable. It remains greyed out until I zone out or until a random time when it decides to come back... this is absurd... thank$ for that.

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