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# 1 Tac officer, Odyssey class
09-27-2012, 01:28 PM
hi, names Arcanite first post on these forums but been playing for over an year. off and on since before F2P
alright so i fly an odyssey on my main character, fairly tanky but gets boring sometimes cause i feel like i could do more damage.

(my current build i was planning on testing)

I mostly PvE cause I don't spend enough time to really PvP and honestly never got into it (but starting to get curious as i advance through my second toon. I've read a lot of the advice in the build a cruiser thread but just curious on personal opinions.

Odyssey Star Cruiser
FW: Dual Polaron Mk XI (acc), 2x Polaron MK XI (acc), Quantom Torpedo mk X (CrtD)(CrtH)(borg)
AW: Retrofit Aft Phaser MK XI (CrtH)(Dmg), Polaron mk XI (acc) Polaron Turret mk XI (acc) Rapid reload Transphasic torpedo mk XI

aegis set

Engineering consoles
monotanium, Neutronium, RCS accelerator, Transwarp computer
Science Consoles
2x Shield Emitter Amp, Assimilated Module
Tactical Console
2x Polaron phase modulator

any help would be greatly appreciated
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# 2
09-28-2012, 01:57 PM
To be honest there is a lot of bad things there lets get from scratch than.

The only ody that is usefull for dps role is tac version, because of both damage consoles and boff layout regular one is well... not too good...

What you need to do with it is:

Lt. com tactical tt1 beam fire at will attack pattern beta
lt tac tt1 beam fire at will

You need to circle tactical teams so your shields will be automatically redirected.
rest typical emergency power to shield shield transfers and so on. On this setup Reverse shield polarity is a must, when you almost out of shields and your TT is running hitting RSP when under file will get all your facings to full in seconds. Its mostly "oh ****" button but when you have 2 very usefull for tanking.

8 beams and all power to weapons rest power to shields, engines and aux at 25

maco shield and deflector (even mk xi will do), 40 EDC each if you very unlucky, so 40 elite stfs at the worst.
borg assimilated console and borg engines, engines are 5edc only so very cheap. First get borg engines and deflector than maco shield than maco deflector and swap deflector from borg to maco.

3 dmg type consoles of your preference, if you want cheap setup plasma will work they are very cheap - under 1m you can get mkxii purple tac console. Tetryon is nice for shield stripping but than you will most likely use mk xi blue consoles.

Tactics: fire broadsides and circle your enemies, beams dont lose much dmg at ranges so try to keep 7-9km away from enemies.

Not to great but far better than what you have and it can solo cubes at elite stfs no problem though it takes a bit.

With attack pattern beta and fire at will you will debuff enemies for your team to kill them faster.

That in nutshell will work, no fancy flying just broadsides. You can drop one beams to get anything else there on rear too as 7 beams is similar in dps to 8 considering power levels. Some utility could be nice there like tractor mines.

You can skip torpedo skills in your toon if you want to fly this ship and get some in aggro, depending on your survivability it will help team if you hold enemy aggro when more squishy escorts do most of the job.

For tactical cubes try to position yourself directly on top of it so you will not get "death torpedoes" right in your rear end. For regular cubes its not needed.

To get more dps you will need escort though but its completly diffrent beast to fly and some peoples cannot cope with them so better this than eternity in respawn timer.

Other setups might look pretty but are so weak on dps that you will be dead weight that other team mates need to carry through, Ive seen quite a bit of those almost unkillable in pve but cant kill anything either and struggle against one sphere...

Live long and prosper.

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