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09-30-2012, 02:26 AM
Mirror Lockbox :O..

The big ship prize can be... a Mirror Carrier ? :O

Feds (Jupiter) KDf (Vo' something)

the mini rewards can be the mirror escorts / bop

and for the kdf... the spoon head frigate.

Useless Items

x1000 CXP
x1000 XP
x1000 Fleet Credit
Gamma Doffs
Mirror Doffs
Tetryon-Phaser Hybrid Weapons ? :/
Mirror Tribble (buffs againts flanking damage)

Lobi Items

Mirror Captains Yacht (pet) 30 Lobi
Mirror Universe Frigate (Miranda,Centuar) 100 lobi
Mirror Typhoon 300 lobi
Rottweiler pet - 30 lobi
Agoniser (melee weapon) 30 lobi
Mirror Universe Rifle (Rifle with the Terran/Alliance logo slapped on it) 30 lobi


Mirror Negh'var
Mirror Bop (pet)
Mirror Rifle (Spoon head rifle with the alliance logo on it?)

Phased Grenade (when thrown it has 10% chance to summon a entity from the mirror universe)

Alliance (spoonhead or klink)
Tholian in armour

Mirror 2409 Midriff/Alliance & anything else thats cool... or evil

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