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In Sector Space when it is slotted, I see NO difference in the Crit Chance and Crit severity. However, when slotting and unslotting the Borg Universal Console (which is similar in nature), the differences show up almost instantly. Take out the Borg console, the differences still do not register.

I do see the difference show up on my Chronoton Torpeedo (A Mk XII Borg gets about 350 bonus damage...whoopty frakkin-do), but with 2 PC KHG set, I dont see any damge bonus - now, that might be a different issue, but shouldn't the bonus from the 2-Pc KHG saet show up in your Torp Damage output when in sector space as well?


EDIT: I am ridiculously irritated. I see Borticus in DOFFJOBS chat yet I cant say **** to him because I was automuted for 24 hours due to the automatic 3+ people mute you, it marks as "spam". ARRRRRGGHHHHHH!

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