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# 1 So...what's next?
09-29-2012, 12:46 AM
Now that the new Super Mecha-Death Lockbox 2000 B.C. version 4.0 Beta is out, we can move on from that, and ask...

What's next?

Regardless of how we feel about the lockboxes, they've always so far were a precursor to what we'd get next usually. Like the Cardassian one so long back now was released before the 2800 FE earlier in the year. The previous Tholian box was released around the time Starbases came out, along with Nukara and such.

So...my guess is, we're going to see some kind of something involving the Mirror Universe more (man...ain't done THOSE missions on my Feds in awhile), along with time travel. I'm just wondering what that is going to be exactly.

What's next?

A drought, C-store items, new mission(s), fleet events, something else?

I feel that's a reasonable question to ask, it's been a couple months now since SB's came out, a lot of people have either just settled into the grind, or stopped trying on em, so they're gonna start wanting to do something else.

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# 2
09-29-2012, 01:25 AM
Season 7 in november is next.

The information about it is dotted in the latest ask cryptic and state of the game as well as a few other forum posts/audio interviews.

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