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10-18-2012, 06:38 PM
I played when the game first released. thought the game needed A LOT of polish. It wasn't great but it wasn't a total disaster. i dabbled a little when the game when free to play as well but i'm back now in full force.

this game is pretty addicting its like Maple Story addicting only with better graphics. the F2P is done like Guild Wars 2 as well where there's a cash shop. But if you grind long and hard enough you can buy the cash shop currency with in game currency. Which in my book is pretty damned sweet.

only seen one mini game so far where i strapped on a EV suit and went mining in space! so cool.

Ship interiors is Meh in my opinion though because its not functional and just another loading screen to basically do nothing. however the ground missions I enjoy quite a bit. They are glitchy but it seriously gives the star trek flare when there's a situation to resolve and you gotta beam down to figure things out.

I want to become a gold member, just the finances don't allow for it with me being locked into a year long thing with WOW. but i'm loving this game i seriously played it from 2pm to 9pm i just kept wanting to do more missions and craft and all that.

I've also noticed a lot more players online as well some instances even being split up to 10. has this game grown in popularity?

Also i'm glad i got a ship upgrade because now space missions are such a chore. what with Forward and aft torpedo bays. I'm looking forward to doing the special Season missions next!

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