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10-01-2012, 08:30 PM
Originally Posted by chrisdorey View Post
Now, would it make more sense to buy a lot of keys and then sell them on the Exchange to build up the EC to buy one there?

Buying 100 keys is not a guarantee I will get it, so at least in that way I could just buy it outright?

Do keys sell that well on the Exchange?
With keys having dropped so much in price, it might be a good idea to sell Fleet Ship Modules along with keys, or possibly instead of. Both sell well if you price them appropriately. Though, you miss out on the Lobi for the new Temporal set going that way if you don't the Lobi for those already.
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10-01-2012, 09:07 PM
On the other hand, you could also open boxes until you get enough lobi to get the Mobius, then sell that for enough EC to buy the Wells.
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Good luck in your quest! And when you're done, can I blow you up as well?
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Let me squash any nonsense on this thread - the odds of getting the ship are less than 0.5% as observed by many many players and box openning tests.

so that's almost 200!! boxes to get a ship - yes there are people who get a ship in the first 5 boxes but there are WAY more who don't get one in over 150 boxes!

Also you only avg about 5.5 lobi per box!!

So for the temporal destroyer that means you need 140 odd boxes or about $180 million ec worth of keys

the destroyers sell for around $90 million so buying the boxes for lobi to get the destroyer is stupid.

Also the Temporal set is 600 lobi so expect to open over 100 boxes for that or $130 millon EC!

All and all if you bought the keys with Zen then for everything it would cost about $200 dollars!!

That is what you are looking at.
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Tholians is one of my favorite species, around the release of that lockbox, i sold my project car and put 200 dollars into z points, that was supposed to last me a LONG time, instead i blew through on lockboxes, and guess what, i got NOTHING, i got a recluse, no orb weaver (weird having a recluse yet no orb weaver)
I said i was NOT going to buy any more lockboxes, then cryptic has to do the ******* thing, and put in th wells class, one of my favorite ships, and bridges in all of star trek....SIGH! This time i had some keys put up, some extra lobi, and bought only 80 dollars worth of keys. ANd guess what, with 20 keys left, i opened a wells.

I was really, REALY surprised, i have the wells and mobius now, on separate toons, yes i know you get the special power combining the consoles, but i have 2 toons i wanted using both different ships, so instead of getting kicked in the balls and only be allowed 1 of 2 ships for 1 toon with a special console power, i split them up. ANd i love both ship. Good luck buddy, i hope you get them. I do NOT support the lock box idea, but its like holding a piece of candy in front of a fat man, when its something your addicted to and want really bad...well its hard to not resist and god its one sexy ship.
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The Wells is the first Lockbox ship I really wanted. So I gathered about 120 Keys and started open those boxes. All I got was those stupid DOFFs asf. BUT, I was really lucky, I got the Wells with only 1 more Key left!:-)

So, now I have the Wells for my Sci and can afford the M?bius!:-) For me, it was worth it.
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By far and away as Levi3 told you guys, the drop rate is around 0.5% chance so the best method is to buy it off the exchange. Rachel Garret has done a full breakdown of all the items in the boxes and your chances of getting it. I have both ships and what I do is this:

Buy enough keys to sell and get on the exchange with an additional 10 key pack. I open the first 10 keys for fun and if I'm lucky the ship will show up (this happened with the Orb Weaver and the Galor) if not then the rest of the keys are sold and I get my ship.

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Meh - Mobius is seemingly more popular than the wells anyway.
Originally Posted by robdmc View Post
Remember, this place [Captain's Table] is so desolate that upon entering the Aenigma Nebula you will be prompted with a warp out box because the game thinks you flew there by mistake.

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Originally Posted by chrisdorey View Post
Anyone have any tips, tricks or ideas?

ANY input is welcome!
Yes, do not open the lockboxes. Sell the keys in the exchange, they're hovering at about 1.4 million each and the Wells is selling for around 80 million EC (variable of course, i'd plan to spend 80 to 90 million EC on it just to be sure). It may seem hard to believe at first but this is probably the cheapest way (in RL money) to get the Wells. You'll need to sell around 58 to 60 keys.
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Originally Posted by levi3 View Post
so that's almost 200!! boxes to get a ship - yes there are people who get a ship in the first 5 boxes but there are WAY more who don't get one in over 150 boxes!
150? 200?.... I opened 240 boxes, and got nothing but crap :p

(then i bought it off the exchange...)

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